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Computer Request Procedures - Grant Funded Operations Only

EFFECTIVE 8/1/2010
Note:  all computers must be ordered through this process.
Grant Administrators may not order this equipment directly from the vendor.

  1. The Grant Administrator begins the process by contacting the Service Desk for a Service Request number and then by submitting a completed Computer Request Form to the Service Desk) at Service Desk. They can be contacted at 561-868-3100

    Available computer options, pricing, technical specifications, base software list, and request form may be found at:

Computer Options and Price List

Desktop Specifications

Laptop Specifications

Display/Monitor Specifications

Base Software List

Computer Request Form


  1. Service Desk staff will enter a Service Request and forward the completed Equipment Request Form to IT-Records for review. Forms will be returned if not completed properly.

  2. IT-Records will forward the form to the  Director of IT Customer Support and Q/A for approval and verification that the requested equipment will meet the technology needs of the department.

  3. IT-Records will forward the completed and verified request to the CIO and Vice President of Administration and Business Services for approval.

  4. IT-Records will request the Service Desk to reply to the Grant Administrator with the decision. (approved, not approved)

  5. If approved, IT-Records will contact Finance-Grants Accounting to verify availability of funds.

  6. If funds are available, IT will:

               ~ Order the Equipment if not in stock.  (delivery could be 6-8 weeks)

               ~ Schedule Installation with the Grant Administrator (this will include identifying specific 
                   software requests beyond the standard provided software)

               ~ Notify Grant Administrator of anticipated delivery and installation dates


  7. The Grant Administrator will acknowledge receipt of equipment by signing a form provided by Information Technology at the time of installation.  This form will include equipment serial numbers, prices, installation dates and the Grant's org unit information.

  8. After installation and acceptance by the Grant Administrator the form will be forwarded to Finance-Grants Accounting by Information Technology. Grants accounting will record the equipment expense from the grant account and credit the College IT's account.  The Grant Accounting Office will notify the Grant Administrator and the CIO's Office that funds have been transferred to cover the computer equipment expense.

For further information, please contact the Service Desk at 561-868-3100

561-868-4000 Service Desk for Student Contact
561-868-3100 Service Desk for Faculty/Staff Contact

Service Portal


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