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Agneza B. Roberson

Adjunct Instructor, Political Science

Campus: Lake Worth
Mailing Address: 4200 Congress Avenue, MS 34, Lake Worth, FL 33461

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Fall 2019
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Location: (Lake Worth) SS 00106 Days: M
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Lystra Seenath
Associate Professor

Phone: (561) 868-3334
Campus: Lake Worth
Office: SS 0210
Mailing Address: 4200 Congress Avenue, MS 34, Lake Worth, FL 33461
  • BA Journalism   University of Zagreb
  • MA Communication   Western Michigan University
  • PhD Political Science   Western Michigan University
My name is Dr. Agneza Božic Roberson. I am very excited to teach at Palm Beach State College.  All my academic work has been of an interdisciplinary nature: I studied both communication and political science at the University of Zagreb. I received my MA in Communication from Western Michigan University and my PhD in Political Science from Western Michigan University. My professional life allows me to practice both theory and practice of political science. I was fortunate to work as a contracting interpreter for Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian languages for the U.S. Department of State, the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), and several other international agencies. I still work for two global interpreting corporations. In terms of teaching, I have taught Political Science (Introduction to Political Science, Russian and East European Politics, Introduction to Comparative Politics, Contemporary Geopolitical Affairs, and American Government), and Communication (Fundamentals of Speech Communication, Mass Media and Society, and Public Speaking) classes in state and private colleges and universities for over ten years and I always felt that teaching political science classes were the most gratifying classes to teach.  These classes help my students become more politically aware and active in the local, national and global community.

  • Comparative Politics
  • Russian and East European Politics
  • Introduction to American Government
  • Contemporary Geopolitical Affairs
  • Mass Media and Society
  • Public Speaking
  • Fundamentals of Speech Communication
  • Introduction to Political Science
  • State and local government
  • The U.S. Constitution
Professional Organizations
  • American Political Science Association
  • The Politicization of Ethnicity as a Prelude to War: Croatia and Serbia in Former Yugoslavia. Saarbrucken: Lambert Academic Publishing, 2011.
  • “The Failure of Institutions in Yugoslavia.” In Struggling with the Communist Legacy: Studies of Yugoslavia, Romania and Poland, edited by Patricia Klein, Arthur Helweg and Barbara McCrea. East European Monographs, No. DX, Distributed by Columbia University Press, 1998.
  • “Democratization and Ethnopolitical Conflict: The Yugoslav Case.” In Ethnicity and Democracy in New Europe, edited by Karl Cordell. London: Routledge, 1999.
  • “Toward Preventing Ethnopolitical Conflict.” In The Constitutional and Political Regulation of Ethnic Relations and Conflicts: Selected Papers, edited by Mitja Žagar, Boris Jesih and Romana Bešter. Ljubljana: Institute for Ethnic Studies, 1999
  • “Words Before the War: Milošević’s Use of Mass Media and Rhetoric to Provoke Ethnopolitical Conflict in Former Yugoslavia.” East European Quarterly, 38, 4 (2005): 395-408.
  • The Role of Rhetoric in the Politicization of Ethnicity: Milosevic and the Yugoslav Ethnopolitical Conflict. Razprave in Gradivo [Treatises and Documents]. 52, 2007.