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Links 2 Success

Are you repeating MAT 1033c or ENC 1011? Get the help you need today!

Links 2 Success is a support program which combines intentional academic advising, faculty participation and Student Learning Center resources to improve student engagement and success in second attempt courses. The key to your success starts here!

This program has a 100% success rate!

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Links 2 Success Features

  • Bi-weekly academic advising
  • Weekly one-on-one tutoring
  • Bi-weekly progress check-ins with faculty
  • Motivational workshops
  • A Success-Coaching approach
  • Consistent support and follow-up
  • Fosters student engagement, accountability and critical thinking

Academic Advising

Your Academic Advisor will serve as your success coach and go-to person. Research shows that students who meet with their advisor on a regular basis, get better grades, complete degrees sooner, have a more fulfilling college experience and graduate at a higher rate than those who don’t. Students in the L2S program meet with an advisor every two weeks. Students enjoy the consistency of meeting with the same advisor throughout the term and building a rapport.

Advising sessions serve many purposes. Students are asked to reflect upon and discuss not only their academic progress in the course, but any aspect of college life that relates to their success in the course. Time management, study habits, and test-taking, for example, as well as confidence, intention and motivation are often addressed.

Making the most of your advising session
Be prepared for your advising session. Show up on time to reap the benefits of the full appointment. Complete your progress report ahead of time and review it. Write down any questions or concerns you may have and bring your PR to your advising session. Be sure to bring your completed SLC attendance sheet with you, as well. Be open to sharing and receiving support. Take notes. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please call 561-207-5340, or send an email to to reschedule sooner rather than later. This will help you stay on track.

Monitoring Your Progress

Progress Reports
Students in the L2S program complete a Progress Report every two weeks. With the help of the instructor, students record and monitor their academic progress. Through this process, students identify areas of improvement and areas in need of improvement. In the academic advising session, students draw from the progress report to acknowledge strengths, challenges, set goals and monitor growth.

The progress reporting process raises your awareness and keeps you in touch with your academic standing, helps you define your accomplishments and your goals relative to the course, strengthens your communication with your instructor and increases your accountability.

Making the most of the Progress Report process
Your L2S advisor will provide you with a Progress Report template. You will fill out your progress report, not your instructor. Try to complete it before meeting with your professor. During your bi-weekly meeting with your instructor, review the points you answered and discuss the ones you left blank. Remember, you, are required to write in the answers, not your instructor. When your Progress Report is complete, ask your instructor to initial it in the space provided.

This practice will put you more in touch with yourself, your instructor and your academic standing in the class. Bring your progress report to your advising session for review and discussion. Your advisor will provide you with new one to complete for the next advising session.

Student Learning Center (SLC)

As a Links 2 Success student you will benefit from all Student Learning Center resources, homework assistance, one-on-one tutoring, review sessions, supplemental instruction sessions, and workshops. On average, L2S students take advantage of tutoring and/or P.A.S.S. at least twice a week and attend homework assistance as often as necessary. Your L2S advisor will help you design a personalized tutoring plan to fit your schedule and ensure you get the support you need. Tutoring is available in all subjects for your convenience.

Making the most of your tutoring sessions and P.A.S.S.
Prepare for your tutoring session. Figure out what you need. Make a list of items you need support with. Arrive on time. If the subject is Math, bring specific problems that you have difficulty solving. While studying, note points you may not understand and want to review. The better you can identify what you need help with, the better the tutor can help you. If you cannot make it to a tutoring appointment, please call the SLC and cancel. Your advisor will provide you with a SLC attendance sheet to help you keep track of your SLC visits and/or P.A.S.S. Be sure to make a note in the space provided each time you visit the SLC or attend a P.A.S.S. and ask your tutor to initial it. Bring your SLC attendance sheet to your advising sessions.

Third Attempt Fees & Grade Forgiveness

Contact Info

Dede A. Dyer, M.Ed., Links 2 Success Program Manager, Student Development Advisor II
(561) 207-5340 | 3160 PGA Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410-2893

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