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Motorcycle Rodeo

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March 14 - 16, 2024

Palm Beach State College - Lake Worth Campus

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Registration is now open

This event is open to the general public so anyone can participate




Note: If you are unable to register via Eventbrite, please print & use the Rider Entry Form.


This multi-day event provides motorcycle riders with crucial exercises that will help enable them to deal with the hazards of operating the motorcycle on local roads and highways.  Courses will be set up to mimic hazards and roadway conditions that an operator would face on an everyday basis.

By the end of this event, participants will have:

  • navigated the motorcycle through restricted paths and turns;
  • accounted for road hazards along the roadway;
  • operated the motorcycle in a low-speed environment;
  • maneuvered the motorcycle at slow / accelerated speeds through a modified course of travel (modified to account for hazards, turns and roadway obstructions).


Man riding motorcyle


Who Can Attend

Any licensed motorcycle operator, including civilian and police.  Riders must utilize a minimum 1000cc motorcycle and have appropriate safety gear such as: helmet, eye protection, boots and gloves.


2023 Results & Event Photos


1. Michael Daly (Officer, Boca Raton Police Department)

2. Jim Viviani (Civilian)

3. Jay Cusimano (Civilian)



Day 5: Motorcycle Rodeo Practice 

Day 6: Motorcycle Rodeo

Video: Motorcycle Rodeo


Winners of the motorcycle rodeo

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