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Panther Prowl Motorcycle Rodeo

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Revving engines, adrenaline-pumping maneuvers, and cheers filling the air — the 2024 Panther Prowl Motorcycle Rodeo was an exhilarating triumph! Results for the event and photos can be found below. Stay tuned for information on our next event.

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This multi-day event provides motorcycle riders with crucial exercises that will help enable them to deal with the hazards of operating the motorcycle on local roads and highways.  Courses will be set up to mimic hazards and roadway conditions that an operator would face on an everyday basis.

By the end of this event, participants will have:

  • navigated the motorcycle through restricted paths and turns;
  • accounted for road hazards along the roadway;
  • operated the motorcycle in a low-speed environment;
  • maneuvered the motorcycle at slow / accelerated speeds through a modified course of travel (modified to account for hazards, turns and roadway obstructions).


Man riding motorcyle


Who Can Compete

Any licensed motorcycle operator, including civilian and police.  Riders must utilize a minimum 1000cc motorcycle and have appropriate safety gear such as: helmet, eye protection, boots and gloves.


Free to the Public

Spectators are welcome to observe any day of the event and may bring a lawn chair. Children must be under strict supervision of an adult. See event schedule below for details.


Event Information

This event is designed to bring both civilian and sworn motorcycle enthusiasts together to train and compete in a safe environment while discovering new ways to master control of their street motorcycles. The premise behind the competition is to prepare a rider both mentally and physically for the various stressful riding situations they face on the roadway at any given time.  |  View Rules


participants of the 2024 motorcycle rodeo

participants of 2024 motorcycle rodeo

participants of 2024 motorcycle radio


2024 Results & Event Photos

March 14 - 16, 2024  |  View Photos

Fun Run Winners: One winner in each division

Michael Swymn
16.48 sec. (no penalties)

Jay Cusimano
17.71 sec. (no penalties)

Franco Del bon
18.21 sec. (2 sec. penalty)



Precision Run Winners: One winner in each division

Michael Swymn
20.29 sec. (no penalties)

Jay Cusimano
21.08 sec. (no penalties)

Franco Dal bon
34.16 sec. (10 sec. penalty)



Slow Box Winner: One overall winner

Michael Swymn: 2 min., 44.52 sec.


Mr. Rodeo: One overall winner

Michael Swymn


Timed Run Winners: Three winners in each division


First Place: Michael Swymn
64.08 sec (no penalties)

Second Place: Jerry Swymn
65.82 sec (no penalties)

Third Place: Amanda Swymn
66.68 sec (no penalties)


First Place: Jay Cusimano
68.82 sec. (no penalties)

Second Place: Tim McCarthy
94.41 sec. (7 sec. penalty)

Third Place: Subi Chockalingam
95.11 sec. (4 sec. penalty)

First Place: Franco Dal bon
64.45 sec. (2 sec. penalty)




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