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Business Intelligence (BI)


Performance Scorecard

Click the dashboard below to be taken to view Performance Scorecards.


Palm Beach State College established its Business Intelligence (BI) program as part of the data management group. The program is mandated to exercise authority, control, and enable shared decision making over the use of data and delivery of information and insights.

The demand for access to, transparency of, and the quality of data to make informed decisions, demonstrate improvement, spark innovation, and produce evidence of accountability continues to escalate. Business intelligence allows the College to respond to this complex needs in numerous ways and provide a variety of benefits to constituents. Some of these benefits include these.

  • Highly distributed data management strategies
  • Informed decisions and strategy choices through dashboards, scorecards, and predictive analytics
  • Improved support for planning, process management, operational efficiency, and performance excellence
  • Ongoing and dynamic tracking of outcomes across the institution
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