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Loss Momentum Project

About the Project

The Loss Momentum framework examines the student experience and the engagement at each point from connection to transition. These engagements can energize a student’s momentum towards completion and prevent the student from slowing the pursuit of their goals or abandoning them altogether. 

The Loss Momentum Framework seeks to understand the diverse perspectives of differing student personas. Are College processes designed to create intentional experiences versus disconnected ones?

The Loss Momentum Project will use the Framework and an equity lens to explore current practices and align College processes to create these intentional experiences and engagement points.



The Student Experience

Students have an experience whether we want them to or not.  

    Student success is comprised of:

          Connection: From interest to application.

          Entry: From entry to passing program gatekeeper courses.

          Progress: From entry to completion of program requirements.

          Completion: Completion of credential of value for further education & labor market advancement.

          Transition: Successful transition to your next institution or workforce.


Value Proposition

To manage the student experience through aligned processes and technology that engage students and advance learning.


The Intent

To understand and improve the student experience; all information will be used to look forward and make positive change, not critique current practices.


The Plan

The Loss Momentum Project seeks to:

  • Listen and Learn through Town Hall Input Session
  • Define the PBSC Student Experience
  • Make Process Improvements


Current Projects

  • Orientation
  • Early Alert
  • Student Learning Center

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