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Link to FAU


What is the Palm Beach State/Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Link Program?

It's all about making it easier - a great opportunity for you to continue your college education at FAU.  Thanks to the Palm Beach State/FAU Link Program, incoming freshman students have exclusive access to FAU. This initiative was developed to provide you with guaranteed access to FAU*.

Palm Beach State and FAU want you to have an easy, worry-free transition to FAU to earn your bachelor's degree.

Advantages of the Palm Beach State/FAU Link Program?

  • Guaranteed entrance to FAU
  • Priority admissions to FAU
  • Convenient classroom locations
  • Enriched academic advising
  • Small class sizes
  • Access to the best faculty
  • More bang for your buck


Getting Started

How do I join?

State College Students - You can indicate your desire to join the Link Program at any time before successfully reaching 45 transferable credits.  You may contact your Palm Beach State advisor for additional information.  You may also visit Palm Beach State College Admissions.

High School Students - If you are a high school student and wish to earn your associate's degree from Palm Beach State College, apply to Palm Beach State and complete the required steps for Link to FAU.

What are the benefits of the Palm Beach State/FAU Link Program?

  • Guaranteed entry to FAU - Students graduating with A.A. degrees are guaranteed admission to FAU.*
  • Priority admissions to FAU - Provides smooth transition through the FAU admissions process that guarantees a quick admission decision.  Plus, you would receive priority registration at FAU.
  • Convenient classroom locations - FAU regional campuses located across south Florida: Boca Raton, Treasure Coast, Jupiter, and Broward County.
  • Enriched academic advising - Students receive comprehensive on-site advising from both Palm Beach State College and FAU advisors.

How is the Palm Beach State/FAU Link Program different from the 2+2?

  • The 2+2 guarantees admission to one of the 11 state universities and not necessarily to one of your choice.
  • Once you have indicated your participation in the program, Palm Beach State College and FAU work together to prepare you for completion of your bachelor's degree.

How do I sign up to participate in the Palm Beach State/FAU Link Program?

  • Apply and be accepted to Palm Beach State College.
  • Complete the Link to FAU form.
  • Submit the online application to FAU during the term in which you will complete 30 credits at the Palm Beach State.
  • Provide official transcripts from any other schools you have attended to Palm Beach State and FAU, as well as any other required documents.
  • Meet with an advisor before initial registration and at regular intervals to maintain an appropriate academic plan.

At 15 hours, meet with your Palm Beach State advisor. 
At 30 hours, meet with your Palm Beach State advisor and FAU advisors. 
At 45 hours, meet with your Palm Beach State advisor and FAU advisors and confirm status with FAU.

    • Maintain continuous enrollment. Continuous enrollment is defined as being enrolled in classes without a break of two or more consecutive regular semesters/terms.
    • Complete your degree in six major semesters or less including prerequisite courses required for your intended major at FAU.
    • Verify your eligibility for graduation from Palm Beach State College by meeting with an academic advisor. Verify your acceptance to FAU.

*Consistent with university policy. Limited access and restricted access programs may require an additional admission process.

Find your Academic Advisor 

Please visit the Academic Advising website to find your advisor

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