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The College will be closed on Nov. 24 & 25 for Thanksgiving Break. There are no classes scheduled for Saturday or Sunday. Normal operations will resume on Monday, Nov. 28.

Math Awareness Week

Math Awarness Week promo art

Mathematics + Artificial Intelligence

Math Awareness Week took place on April 4 - 7, 2022

Missed the event? Don't worry! Recordings from each session are posted below.


Event Recordings

2022 Math Awareness Week Presentation Summaries for Monday, April 4
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Geomatics Transformation by AI

This presentation explores how geomatics sensors provide data that enable AI-based real-time decisions for autonomous vehicles to successfully navigate and capture the movement of pedestrians and other cars, while fusing information from map databases for locations. The presentation will also explore how geomatics and mapping drone leverage AI in pattern recognition, feature detection and feature extraction to learn about the environment around the flight path of the drone and make autonomous decisions.

Youssef Kaddoura

Casino Blackjack

The easy way to make a million dollars playing blackjack.

Mark McKay

The Exposure Triangle: Where Photography Meets Mathematics

Mathematical connections to photography will be revealed as we research the exposure triangle: ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture. These three camera settings work together to produce a photo that is properly exposed. Participants will learn several mathematical relationships from the field of photography that can be shared with students to “make math real.”

Callie J Daniels

Artificial Intelligence: Threat, Opportunity, or Just Hype?

Everyone from Wall Street to Hollywood seems to be heralding AI as one the most important technology of our time. But what is it really, how does it work, and how can graduates in this era best prepare for and adapt to AI?

Jesse Rogers

2022 Math Awareness Week Presentation Summaries for Tuesday, April 5
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When Bad Robots Do Bad Algebra

By the year 2050 Artificial Intelligence advanced to the point where Robots were able to defeat Humans in many games such as Fortnite, Poker, Chess, Go, and Fish. Robots were able to cleverly create and solve Algebra problems, drive their own cars, and set up buffets on cruise ships. In this milestone year of 2050 Robots began to feel superior to their Human creators. Thus began the First Robot War in which Robots tried to eliminate all the Humans on earth. The Humans won the First Robot War by developing a special weapon that sent out an Electronic Magnetic Field (EMF) that caused a cross-wiring in the Robots’ transistor circuits. The Robots could no longer accomplish all their previous amazing Artificial Intelligence generated activities. But Robots could still be useful when teaching Algebra to Humans. Teachers would ask the Class Robot to solve an Algebra question and then would use the Robot’s cross circuited erroneous “solution” to point out to the students what they should not do. This presentation consists of a collection of bad Robot Algebra "solutions" that PBSC students should never ever repeat.

Joseph Pick

Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Melanoma Using Artificial Intelligence

This presentation introduces the computer-aided diagnosis of melanoma using artificial intelligence.

M. Emre Celebi

The Mathematics Of AI - The use cases of mathematical equations in the real-world

This presentation will give you a mathematical viewpoint on how AI models work. Most of the talk will be accessible to audience members who have a basic knowledge of calculus and matrices.

Madiha Jamal

The Human Side of Mathematics - Part 1

The Human Side of Mathematics - Part 2

The Human Side of Mathematics explores a wide variety of problems and personalities that have shaped the mathematical landscape. Some of the problems are still unsolved and some of the colorful characters you will meet prove that mathematicians are real people too!

Anthony Piccolino

2022 Math Awareness Week Presentation Summaries for Wednesday, April 6
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Numbers, Patterns, Sequences, Algorithms

In this presentation, we use Inductive Reasoning Skills to predict and identify the next number or pattern in a sequence.

Terri Speights

AI and Our Future

This presentation will consist of a short chronological and historical overview of AI, as well as its current state in science and industry and will conclude with applications of AI and its combinations with different disruptive technologies and possible scenarios of coexistence of intellectual machines with human beings.

Merey Sarsengeldin

Error Analysis of Digital Communication Systems

Processing digital signals in the presence of noise is a major topic in the study of modern digital communication systems—for example, high data-rate cellular systems. In this presentation, we perform error analysis on a digital signal within the framework of a binary symmetric communications channel (BSC) containing noise. 

Louis Guccione

A Brief Discussion of AI Applications and the Logic Behind Autocorrect (Decisns Designs Sequins) Decisions

Are we getting close to a Hollywood version of AI; that is, are we close to an army of rogue robots about to take over _____ (you fill in the blank)? Let’s define AI, some current AI applications, and then make some logical decisions about how various autocorrect programs are used by some companies.

Elayn Martin-Gay

2022 Math Awareness Week Presentation Summaries for Thursday, April 7
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Robotics Turkey Race

The tresPATHS grant participants designed and built robotic race cars with the help of faculty and students for a Robotics Turkey Race. The event was held on Saturday November 13th for preparation and Saturday November 20th for day of competition. 
Professor Hadley, Professor McRae, Program Grant Manager Kevin Moreau and student Abraham Harfouche will share their experience during the Robotics Turkey Race.

Kevin Moreau: Program Grant Manager, Boca Raton campus

John Hadley: Computer Science Professor and Interim Associate Dean, Lake Worth campus

Michelle McRae: Associate Professor, Computer Science, Boca Raton

Abraham Harfouche: PBSC student


Machine Learning and Knot Theory

This presentation will explore a framework to apply supervised learning to certain questions in mathematics and illustrate it with a case study in knot theory.

Andras Juhasz

Metaverse - do you really care?

The Metaverse is coming! Maybe? What you need to understand what all the hype is about and make up your own mind about this.

Robert Anstett

Careers in Math Panel Discussion

Professionals from a variety of occupations will speak to students about how they use math in their work, and discuss ways that math is connected to the 'real world'.

Moderator: David Jenks

Panelists: Dr. Eva Suarez, Leanne Schmitt, Craig Kruempel


  • PBSC's Math Awareness Week 2022 ART Competition

    Students showed off their artistic and creative talents by participating in PBSC's Math Awareness Week 2022 Art Competition! Gift card prizes for were awarded to winners and PBSC swag for runners-up.

    Prizes:  1st place: $100  |  2nd place: $75   |  3rd place: $50  |  Runner ups: PBSC swag



    First Place

    Alejandro Florez

    First Place winner's entry

    Second Place

    Jesse Grillo

    second place winner's entry

    Third Place

    Sarah Alcala 

    3rd place winner's entry



    Prizes: Problem of the day: $25 (3 winners/per day)  |  Problem of the week: $25 (4 winners)

    Math Problem of the Day Winners


    Lihi Itzhak

    Samantha Samaroo

    Kaylee Manchester


    Ashley Surgent

    Caden Flowers

    Courtney Fuller


    Jakeeanu Baptist

    Brie Wise

    Gabrielle McCrae


    Kelly Cheung

    Grace Obeso-Silva

    Ariel Dookie


    Math Problem of the Week Winners

    Christopher Lazala

    Sarah Alcala

    Diana Monterroso-Guzman

    Duncan Fuller


    If you have any questions regarding Math Awareness Week, please contact one of the Math Awareness Week committee members:

    Lauren Zatto  |

    Elka Ivanova

    Ana Porro

    Anthony Piccolino  |

    Gregory Maxwell  |

    Anna Lurie  |

    Abdullah Erdogan  |

    Timothy Finamore  |

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