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Math Awareness Week consists of exciting presenters, games, art contests, daily math problems of the week, and more.

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2021 Math Awareness Week: The Art & History of Mathematics

Monday, April 5 - Thursday, April 8, 2021


Schedule of Events & Presentations

2021 schedule of events - April 5
Topic Presenter Description Time Recording Link
Beating Las Vegas Blackjack Mark McKay This presentation will examine how art, gambling, and math came together in Las Vegas.

10 AM

Watch Now
The Art of Patterns, Numbers, and Sequences Dr. Terri Speights This presentation is designed to develop student’s critical thinking skills by providing them with an opportunity to understand, identify, and describe patterns, numbers and sequences. An interactive approach will be utilized using technology through gaming making learning fun and engaging. 11 AM N/A
A Very Unorthodox History of Statistics Marty Triola

My "Very Unorthodox History of Statistics" is so unorthodox that it is not much about history at all.

Instead, it is a forward-looking presentation designed to help prepare for the future!

12 PM Watch Now
Art of Wealth Jesse Rogers

One of the earliest and most important applications of mathematics has been to facilitate trade and measure wealth. But what is money, really? How did it start? What gives little scraps of dirty paper so much value?

This talk gives a historical overview of wealth, and an introduction to the 21st century techniques that you can use to build it.

1 PM

Watch Now

Accompanying Materials:

The Beauty of the Cross Product Dr. Andrew Trupin

Dr. Trupin will perform a cross product using a determinant of two three dimensional vectors and determine the angle between them. Then, using a dot product he will verify the angle. If time allows, he will also solve a differential equation using cross products.

2 PM

Watch Now

2021 schedule of events - April 6
Topic Prsenter Description Time Recording Link
Statistical Approaches in the Evaluation of HIV Risk Reduction Interventions Dr. Alisa Stephens In conducting randomized trials to evaluate the impact of a novel intervention or drug prior to authorization and widespread use, several complementary measures of effect are of interest.  We present two studies in which we use mediation analysis to explicate observed treatment differences of two interventions designed to prevent HIV transmission.  In Being Responsible for Ourselves (BRO), a longitudinal, randomized trial of a behavioral intervention to increase condom usage, we estimate indirect effects through two-stage regression to determine reasons for lack of intervention efficacy and inform the design of future interventions.  In the Phambili study, a double-blind, randomized trial of an experimental vaccine to reduce HIV infection, we identify a framework to explore the rationale for elevated infection rates among participants randomized to the active vaccine compared with placebo post unblinding. 11 AM Watch Now
How cool is that? 10 Applications From Math Class that Highlight the Beauty of Mathematics Dennis Runde This presentation will present 10 interesting, and beautiful, topics from the first two years of college mathematics. This presentation will focus on applications from Algebra and Liberal Arts courses. 12 PM Watch Now
The Human Side of Mathematics Dr. Anthony Piccolino

The Human Side of Mathematics explores a wide variety of problems and personalities that have shaped the mathematical landscape. Some of the problems are still unsolved and some of the colorful characters you will meet prove that mathematicians are real people too!

1 PM  Watch Now
The Foundations of Mathematics and Art Dr. Lynn Gamwell

This lecture will present David Hilbert’s The Foundation of Geometry (1899) and the art styles it inspired, including Russian Constructivism, Polish Unism, Swiss Concrete Art, Japanese Mono Ha, and several more.

2 PM Watch Now

2021 schedule of events - April 7
Topic Presenter Description Time Recording Link
Career Panel of Community Professionals

Moderator: David Jenks


  • Dr. Eva Suarez
  • Camille Zerfas (Next Era Energy)
  • Craig Kruempel (GHD)
  • Leanne T. Schmitt
The Careers in Math Panel is a great way for students to learn about how mathematics is applied in the professional world.  This year’s panel will feature four accomplished professionals from a variety of industries who will share how they use math in their careers.  Students will also have the opportunity to ask the panelists questions. 11 AM Watch Now
A boy genius, a witch, a drunk pet moose walk into a bar… Anurag Katyal Real stories about real mathematicians. 1 PM Watch Now
The History, Art and Stimulation of Hyperbolic Geometry Joseph Pick This presentation explores the historical (and philosophical) implications of Hyperbolic Geometry. A simulation model for Hyperbolic Geometry will be introduced and some of the non-intuitive properties of Hyperbolic Geometry will be illustrated using this simulation model. Examples of Hyperbolic Geometry in various art forms will also be shown. 2 PM Watch Now
Math and Music Carrie McDonald Attend this presentation to enjoy learning about some of the intriguing connections between math and music. 3 PM Watch Now

2021 schedule of events - April 8
Topic Presenter Description Time Recording Link
What to do with Alexa, math skills, and more Bob Anstett This presentation will talk about how to use Alexa to help with everyday math and beyond. As a bonus you will learn how to create your own Alexa skill to help with studying. 1 PM Watch Now
Baking…it’s as easy as Pi Lauren Culligan Math and baking go hand in hand. Join me to discuss how fractions, ratios, timing, and temperature all play an important role when creating the perfect cookie. 2 PM Watch Now

Presenter Bios

Mark McKay

Mark McKay is a founding member of the Ophthalmic Medical Technologist program at Palm Beach State.  He loves teaching and lecturers nationally about eye care. He is a board-certified optician.


Dr. Terri Speights

Dr. Speights’ teaching experience spans over 20 years. She received a Master’s in Mathematics Education in 2006 at Nova Southeastern University and a Doctorate in Leadership Education at Valdosta State University in 2018.

In 2013, Dr. Speights received a special recognition from the Vice President of Academic Affairs for her role in the redesign of the Developmental Mathematics courses which lead to improvements in student success and retention.  Professor Speights joined PBSC in 2015 as a Professor of Mathematics.   Her research has focused on “The Effects of Developmental Math Courses on Student Success Outcomes at Community Colleges.”   Professor Speights has always been committed to developing and implementing learning strategies which promote “student success and retention.” 

In her spare time, Professor Speights loves to spend time at the beach, traveling or hanging out with family and friends.


Marty Triola

Mario F. Triola a Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Dutchess Community College, where he has taught statistics for over 30 years. He is the author of Elementary Statistics -- the #1 best-selling statistics text in the market for the last 25 years. Marty is a firm believer that “real data brings statistics to life,” and that is the foundation on which he writes his texts. Marty also designed the original Statdisk statistical software, which is incorporated into his texts along with other software packages.

Marty’s interest in applying statistics to real-world situations comes from his own work experiences. Marty’s consulting work includes the design of casino slot machines and fishing rods. He has worked with attorneys in determining probabilities in paternity lawsuits, analyzing data in medical malpractice lawsuits, identifying salary inequities based on gender, and analyzing disputed election results. He has also used statistical methods in analyzing medical school surveys, in analyzing survey results for the New York City Transit Authority, and analyzing COVID-19 virus data for government officials. Marty has testified as an expert witness in the New York State Supreme Court. The Text and Academic Authors Association has awarded Marty a “Texty” for Excellence for his work on Elementary Statistics.


Jesse Rogers

Jesse Rogers has been a Learning Specialist at PBSC since 2006.

Since the pandemic he has written around 75 Medium articles, become a REALTOR, a podcaster, and a cryptocurrency investor. He’s interested in developing an entrepreneurship club so connect with him at if interested.

His Compounding Interest Podcast link is

Read his Medium posts at


Dr. Andrew Trupin

Professor Trupin received his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Colorado.

Professor Trupin teaches science courses at PBSC such as Descriptive Astronomy, Earth Science and Applied Physics.

Professor Trupin has published science articles relating to global tide gauge sea level data, the effect of melting glaciers on the Earth’s rotation and gravitational field, plus more.


Dr. Alisa Stephens

Alisa J. Stephens-Shields, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Biostatistics at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine.  Her research focuses on extensions and innovative applications of causal inference to enhance the design and analysis of clinical trials.

She also works on the development of patient-reported outcomes to inform population-appropriate trial endpoints.  Dr. Stephens-Shields collaborates in several clinical areas, including pediatrics, chronic pain, pharmacoepidemiology, and behavioral economics.

She is a recipient of the inaugural Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies Leadership Academy award and has held elected positions in the American Statistical Association Section on Statistics in Epidemiology and the Eastern North American Region of the International Biometrics Society. Dr. Stephens-Shields serves as associate editor for the journals Biostatistics and Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety. 

She is a proud native of Teaneck, New Jersey, and holds Ph.D. and A.M. degrees in biostatistics from Harvard University and a B.S. in mathematics with minor in Spanish from the University of Maryland, College Park. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Omicron Delta Kappa national honor societies.


Dennis Runde

Dennis Runde is in his 31st year of teaching mathematics at State College of Florida in Bradenton. He earned his BS and MS in Mathematics from the Universities of Wisconsin at Platteville and Milwaukee, respectively and his PhD in Mathematics Education from the University of South Florida. He is lead author on a Liberal Arts Mathematics textbook and on a series of Algebra for College Students textbooks. Dennis and his wife, Kristin, are the proud parents of three adult sons.


Dr. Anthony Piccolino

Dr. Tony Piccolino is a professor of mathematics at Palm Beach State College since 2009. He also serves as Honors College Faculty Coordinator.  Prior to his tenure at Palm Beach State, he taught undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral courses in mathematics and mathematics education for 17 years at Montclair State University in New Jersey and served on several dissertation committees.  In addition to his years in higher education, he also served for 25 years as a mathematics teacher and supervisor in public schools in New York State. Tony’s educational background includes an B.S. in mathematics from Iona College, Master’s Degrees from Yeshiva University and Fordham University, and a doctorate in mathematics education from Columbia University (Teachers College).


Dr. Lynn Gamwell

Lynn Gamwell is a lecturer in the history of art, science, and mathematics at the School of Visual Arts in New York. She is the author of Mathematics and Art: A Cultural History (Princeton, 2018) and Exploding the Invisible: Art, Science, and Spiritual (Princeton, 2020).


David Jenks 

Career Center Manger, Palm Beach Gardens Campus Panel Moderator

David has worked almost 20 years in college career development.  Mr. Jenks has been with PBSC since Fall 2017 and has also worked at the FAU and UCF Career Centers.  His previous career was sales and marketing in the finance and travel industries.


Dr. Eva Suarez - Panelist

Originally from Puerto Rico, Dr. Suarez made studying her passion. Dr. Suarez has degrees in Chemistry, Statistics, Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, and Civil/Environmental Engineering, yes 5 degrees!

Dr. Suarez Worked at Pratt & Whitney for 17 years, and taught while working as an adjunct. Two and a half years ago, she accepted the position of Engineering Technology Department Chair, and since then expanded the ET program to all four campuses.


Camille Zerfas (Next Era Energy) - Panelist

I went to North Dakota State University for my undergraduate degree, where I majored in math & economics. I attended graduate school right after because I enjoyed the upper-level math classes and wanted to learn more.  I earned my PhD in computational mathematics from Clemson University in 2019. I am now working for NextEra Energy as a Data Scientist. I’ve had a lot of fun in this role because it’s allowed me to apply my mathematical knowledge to completely different situations and help build data-driven solutions for engineers at NextEra.


Craig Kruempel (GHD) - Panelist

Craig has a BS in Biology, and a MS in Coastal Zone Management with an emphasis on marine biology. With more than 35 years of experience, he provides clients with coastal zone resource planning, permitting, and monitoring support. A major part of his responsibilities include working on comprehensive characterization, monitoring, and mitigation program development with an emphasis on natural hardbottom, artificial reefs, and living shorelines.

During his career, Craig has worked on projects that require a comprehensive understanding of State and Federal coastal resource permitting and National Environmental Policy Act compliance. He has served as principal scientist on numerous field investigations throughout the Gulf of Mexico and East Coast of the United States. Craig’s recent project experience includes implementation of a comprehensive water quality monitoring program at Port Everglades and support of a marine resource monitoring program in the United Arab Emirates.


Leanne T. Schmitt - Panelist

Ms. Schmitt is a Managing Director and Investment Specialist at Intech. She has been with Intech for 18 years. Ms. Schmitt is responsible for providing investment solutions to current and prospective intermediary relationships.

Ms. Schmitt earned her MBA in International Business from Keller Graduate School of Business Administration. She earned her BS in Computer Science from Fordham University.

Ms. Schmitt spent her first seven years at Intech in Portfolio Management where she was responsible for the day-to-day portfolio management and trading process for client portfolios. Prior to joining Intech, Ms. Schmitt worked at Salomon Smith Barney (now Citi Prime Finance) Global Prime Brokerage Technology Group located in downtown Manhattan, working on application development for internet/intranet systems and was also head of their Disaster Recovery Team.

Ms. Schmitt worked in New York City as a web developer for and as a teacher’s assistant in the Computer Science Department at Fordham University while earning her undergraduate degree. Ms. Schmitt holds FINRA Series 7 and 63 licenses.


Anurag Katyal

Professor Katyal has been teaching Mathematics at PBSC since 2010. Professor Katyal was selected as a fellow in a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning which was piloted by the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges. Professor Katyal teaches his courses using an inquiry-based learning format, choosing not to lecture to students but instead engage them in solving math problems on their own at the onset of class sessions.


Joseph Pick

When Professor Pick was young, he viewed math as a collection of cute tricks. “Often, I did not pay attention to why I was able to implement these cute tricks. I just enjoyed playing with cute math tricks. While attending university I learned about the deep theoretical concepts that explained why I was allowed to implement the math tricks of my youth. The proofs of these theoretical concepts contained many wonderful, deep, and ingenious tricks that I added to my “bag of cute math tricks”. After university I worked in industry as a programmer and wrote software for radar systems and hardware simulations My math background came in handy because the applications that I wrote programs for required a deep understanding of math (calculus, linear algebra, statistics, and Boolean logic). For the last 8 years I have used my experiences with cute math tricks, theoretical math, and industrial applications to make math more meaningful and enjoyable for Palm Beach State College students both in the classroom and during my Math Awareness Week presentations.”


Carrie McDonald

Professor McDonald is a Mathematics Professor at PBSC. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with Minor in Statistics from Florida Atlantic University and she earned a Master of Science in Mathematics from Florida Atlantic University. Professor McDonald serves on the College Affordability Task Force and works hard to lower textbook costs (plus more) for PBSC Students.


Bob Anstett

Robert “BOB” Anstett is the Coordinator for Digital Initiatives for Broward County Libraries. Bob is in charge of the Creation Station at Main Library in Fort Lauderdale as well as Creation Station Business and other creative spaces around the County. Bob likes to say that he “lives in the future” where he gets to work with 3D printing, creative design, hands on maker projects and robotics. He is currently organizing and running a robotics track for the public to learn coding and building robots, as well as a Virtual Reality (VR) track with an Oculus Rift & HTC Vive along with other VR & Augmented Reality (AR) gear such as a Microsoft HoloLens and Magic Leap available for the public to try out and develop on. Bob works at building connections with the local community and the library along with fostering cooperation between libraries around the State of Florida and beyond.


Lauren Culligan

I am currently a student at Palm Beach State College and will be transferring to FAU in the Summer to pursue a degree in Mathematics. Prior to studying at PBSC I was a linguist in the U.S. Air Force. When I am not doing my math homework I enjoy cooking and baking as well as hiking and fishing.

Competitions, Prizes & Winners

Submission Deadline: April 9, 2021

2 Categories for submission:

  • Performance Art
  • Visual Art


Rules & Guidelines

Participants are allowed to submit one piece of art in each of the two categories.

  • Artwork must be ORIGINAL.
  • Your artwork cannot use more than 30% material from another source. That is, at least 70% of the work must be original.
  • Make clear reference to the source of material that you did not create.
  • You may submit the work as a collaborative group, but the artwork must be at least 70% produced by the group.
  • The artwork CANNOT contain copyrighted, trademarked or service marked materials of any sort.
  • Artwork must be at least 60% Mathematical representation.
  • You may use any type of Mathematics (Geometry, Algebra, Fractals, etc.)

Visual Arts Category

  • Media allowed includes: Pen, pencil, markers, paints, oils, charcoal, watercolors, canvas, and paper

Performance Arts Category

  • Film or Digital (black/white or color)
  • Music, Spoken Word, Dramatic Presentations and Film are all accepted in this category.
  • Artwork must be related to the theme "The Art and History of Mathematics".
  • Artwork may be submitted by an individual or by a team.
  • Artwork should connect to Palm Beach State College.
  • Artwork must be at least 60% Mathematical representation.

Eligibility to enter the Art Competition

Participant must be currently enrolled at Palm Beach State College.

Participant must be currently enrolled in at least one course at Palm Beach State College during the Spring 2021 Semester.


Guidelines for participating in problem of the day/week

  • Each problem will be posted at 12 AM and will be available for submissions for 24 hours starting at 12 AM on Monday April 5
  • Each problem will be a mixture of logic and math
  • There will monetary prizes, books, graphing calculators
  • All winners will be declared by raffle
  • You can participate in all problems


Note: All competition are open to currently enrolled PBSC Students

Math Competition

Problems of the Day - $50

Problem of Week - $50 & Graphing Calculator

Art Competition – Graphic Art

1st Place - $125 + Book: Golden Ratio Coloring Book + 120 Color Pencils

2nd Place - $75 + Book: The Golden Ratio

3rd Place - $50 + Book: Math Art

Art Competition – Performance Art

1st Place - $125

2nd Place - $75

3rd Place - $50

More prizes to come

Math Compeition Winners

Raffle winners for Problem of the Week: $50 + Graphing Calculator

Lauren Culligan and Julio Felipe

Raffle winners for Thursday’s Problem of the Day: $50

Duncan Fuller and Nicole Sasser

Raffle winners for Wednesday’s Problem of the Day: $50

Nhi Tran and Laura Pulido

Raffle winners for Tuesday’s Problem of the Day: $50

Fabio Sanchez and Juan Vanegas

Raffle winners for Monday’s Problem of the Day: $50

Emma Tolliver and Ariel Dookie


Art Competition Winners

1st place: Benjamin Stephens - $125 + Art Book

"Hello, I used graffiti to represent some Math related ideas I have learned thus far at PBSC. I have done graffiti for awhile, local to West Palm Beach. After making a decision to change careers, I found myself learning again. It is a great feeling. I am happy to submit this 100% all original, hand drawn picture for PBSC's Math Week art entry. I used pencil, marker, metallic marker, colored pencil, on cardstock. Thank you." -Ben Stephens


2nd place: Hernan Zuniga - $75 + Art Book

"In this image I am honoring a famous scientist that left us a testimony of passion and commitment in the Art and History of Mathematics. Many times walking into my Math Lab sessions in the wall there is a photo of Albert Einstein that calls my attention in many aspects. Doing research and homework about equations with my tutor I learned about Energy and mass and I realize that the image or picture i was staring at, was connected to the time I was spending at the Lab. This is how this mixed media art work came to life." - Hernan Zuniga


3rd place: Katherine Chang - $50 + Art Book

"This original piece showcases how the left side of the brain is responsible for logic, analysis, sequencing and mathematics as the right side of the brain is responsible for expression, imagination, creativity and arts. The history of mathematics is presented by the formulas on the left side of the brain. The right side of the brain is full of creativity which includes symmetrical art in a mathematical sense." - Katherine Chang


Performance Art Winner

Angel Lopez - $125



2019 Math Awareness Week: Discovering Patterns

Monday, April 1 - Thursday, April 4, 2019


Schedule of Events: Boca Raton campus

2019 Events Schedule - April 1 - Boca Raton
Event Name Presenter Time Location

MAW Kick Off

  9:00 a.m. HT 103

Activate Your Creative Power

Dana Hamadeh 9:30 a.m. HT 103
Locating Outliers Using Regression Analysis and Technology Jim Graziose 11:00 a.m HT 103
Lunch   12:30 p.m. HT 103
So You Think You Can't Math?
Carrie Stevens 2:00 p.m. BT 146
Movie: "Hidden Figures"
  3:30 p.m. HT 103
Environment...Give me a Sine! Environmental Leaders Alliance 5:30 p.m. HT 103

2019 Events Schedule - April 2 - Boca Raton
Event Name Presenter Time Location
3D Chalk Painting: Chalk on the Wild Side
Krystal Boyers 9:30 a.m. Outside HT Bldg.
How Does it Grow?
Lawanna McCoy 11:00 a.m. HT 103
Reception: Meet & Greet the Artists   12:00 p.m. HT 103
Lunch   12:30 p.m. HT 103
Factoring Polynomials Tomas Pena SLC 2:00 p.m. HT 103
What Do Fibonacci and Donald Duck Have in Common? Elayne Martin Gay 3:30 p.m. HT 103
Movie: Fermat's Room   5:00 p.m. HT 103

2019 Events Schedule - April 3 - Boca Raton
Event Name Presenter Time Location
Mathematics in Biology: Becoming Aware of the Hidden Math Nathaniel King 9:30 a.m. HT 103
Origami Ernesto Rivera 11:00 a.m. HT 103
Lunch   12:30 p.m. HT 103
Rubik’s Cube Presentation and Competition Laura Heath 2:00 p.m. HT 103
Tessellations with MC Esher
 STEAM Club 3:30 p.m. HT 103
M3: Mystery, Magic and
Anurag Katyal 5:00 p.m. HT 103

2019 Events Schedule - April 4 - Boca Raton
Event Name Presenter Time Location
Digital Signal Processing in
Engineering Applications
*Limited Seating
Massoud Talebi 9:00 a.m. HT 102
Luncheon Career Panel 11 a.m. HT 103
Turning Numbers into Knowledge: Numerical Literacy and Its Importance in Business Analysis Jonathan Pernick 2:00 p.m. HT 103
Movie - Fractals: Hunting the Hidden Dimension
  3:30 p.m. HT 103
Creating Fractals from a SQUARE Donna Numeroff 5:00 p.m. HT 103

Schedule of Events: Lake Worth campus

2019 Events Schedule - April 1 - Lake Worth
Event Name Presenter Time Location
Series Prof. Jermain Gordon 9:30 a.m. CE 119
Movie: Fractals - Hunting the Hidden Dimension   11:00 a.m. CE 119
The Human Side of Mathematics Dr. Anthony Piccolino 1:00 p.m. CE 119
Math Wheel of Fortune
Prof. Eileen Doran & Prof. Alex Opritsa 2:30 p.m. CE 119

2019 Events Schedule - April 2 - Lake Worth
Event Name Presenter Time Location
Some Considerations about the Structure of the Universe
Prof. Carlos Ramos 9:30 a.m. NS 129
What do Fibonacci and Donald Duck Have in Common? Elayn Martin-Gay (Book Author) 11:00 a.m. NS 129
Stop Predicting, Start Forecasting Prof. William Davis 1:00 p.m. NS 129
Does God not play with dice after all? The hidden symmetry of the Bose Einstein Condensate Dr. Andrew Trupin 2:30 p.m. NS 129

2019 Events Schedule - April 3 - Lake Worth
Event Name Presenter Time Location
Why? Prof. Donald Keller 9:30 a.m. CE 119
The Maths of Luxers' Multiverse and Beyond John Charmant 11:00 a.m. CE 119
How Big is Infinity? Dr. Anthony Piccolino 1:00 p.m. CE 119
Math Wheel of Fortune
Prof. Eileen Doran & Prof. Alex Opritsa 2:30 p.m. CE 119

2019 Events Schedule - April 4 - Lake Worth
Event Name Presenter Time Location
Breaking Solution Patterns Prof. Joseph Pick 9:30 a.m. NS 129
Patterns in Chemistry and Nature Dr. Sapna Gupta 11:00 a.m. NS 129
Logic and Other Math Functions in Excel Prof. Alan Haller 1:00 p.m. CE 119
Movie: The Great Math Mystery   2:30 - 3:30 p.m. CE 119

Schedule of Events: Palm Beach Gardens campus

2019 Events Schedule - April 1 - Palm Beach Gardens
Event Name Presenter Description Time Location
Flatland – Movie and Discussion Prof. Tim Siniscalchi Prof. Siniscalchi will be discussing, “Flatland,” an exciting half-hour animated film adapted from Edwin Abbott's classic novel, “Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions”. The movie stars the voices of Martin Sheen, Kristen Bell, Tony Hale, Michael York, and Joe Estevez. The DVD includes interviews with the stars of the movie. 9:30 - 10:30 a.m.  BB 111
Math and Politics Mathematics Learning Specialist Jesse Rogers In every physical science from chemistry, to physics, to optics, mathematics provides the foundation and framework which allows us to evaluate what is true and false. Our feelings and intuition are vulnerable to being fooled and tricked by illusions, but math is reliable. Can mathematics be a tool for solving our most important political problems - and if so how? 11 a.m. - Noon  BB 111
Number Prediction Routines Dr. Simon J. Carmel Dr. Simon J. Carmel was born deaf into a “hearing” family. He is an anthropologist, award winning magician, world-traveler, lecturer and author. At the end of different mathematical tricks such as Classical 1089, Fibonacci Series, 4 x 4 Magic Squares, Pascal’s Triangle, Quick Addition and Calendar Magic, Dr. Simon J. Carmel will demonstrate how mathematical methods related to the concept of “mathemagic” produce the number predictions. Please bring your calculator, paper and pencil or pen. 12:30  - 1:30 p.m.  BB 111
Meet the Author! Author Elayne Martin Gaye Elayn Martin-Gay has taught mathematics at the University of New Orleans for more than 25 years. Her numerous teaching awards include the local University Alumni Association’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, and Outstanding Developmental Educator at University of New Orleans, presented by the Louisiana Association of Developmental Educators. Elayn is the author of 13 published textbooks, all specializing in developmental mathematics courses. 2  - 3 p.m. BB 111
Brain Bowl – Beginning and Intermediate Level Prof. Brown and Prof. Brownlee Join in the fun and fast-paced math competition with questions drawn from all math topics. Bring your phone, connect to Wi-Fi, and go to Prizes will be awarded to the top scorers. Only development, intermediate, and quantitative reasoning students are eligible to win. 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. BB 111

2019 Events Schedule - April 2 - Palm Beach Gardens
Event Name Presenter Description Time Location
Introduction to Virtual and Augmented Reality Mr. Robert Anstett, Broward County Library Creation Station (hosted by the Entertainment Club) Come learn all about Virtual Reality and have a chance to try out some of the latest equipment with the Creation Station. An interactive talk about what is happening in the field of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Voice Recognition equipment. 9:30 - 10:30 a.m.  BB 111
Lifetime Lessons to Financial Success Prof. Gary Thomasson It’s not how much you earn but rather how much you save. Come learn the two most important lifetime lessons to financial success in later life. Bring your calculator! 11 a.m. - Noon AA 229
The Numbers Behind Social Media Ms. Alex Stark, Social Circuit, Business owner, and PBSC Alumnus Data and statistics from different social media sources may provide impact marketing strategies for your business. 12:30  - 1:30 p.m.  BB 111
Movie and Discussion: Hidden Figures Mathematics Learning Specialist Karen White A 2016 American biographical film based on the non-fiction book of the same name by Margot Lee Shetterly about black female mathematicians who worked at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) during the Space Race. 2  - 4 p.m. BB 111

2019 Events Schedule - April 3 - Palm Beach Gardens
Event Name Presenter Description Time Location
The Art of Math Matt Merlo, Honors College Come learn about the beauty of mathematics from the perspective of a fellow student! He will also share his experience in the honors college. 9:30 - 10:30 a.m.  BB 111
Casino Games and Math Prof. McKay Learn how six MIT students who were trained in card counting took Vegas casinos for millions using simple math: adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. 11 a.m. - Noon  BB 111
Brain Bowl – Intermediate Level Prof. Brownlee Join in the fun and fast-paced math competition with questions drawn from all math topics. Bring your phone, connect to Wi-Fi, and go to Prizes will be awarded to the top scorers. Only developmental, intermediate, and quantitative reasoning students are eligible to win. 12:30  - 1:30 p.m.  BB 111
Why is the Golden Ratio referred to as the Divine Proportion? Prof. Zatto This presentation will reveal the uniqueness of this special ratio. You'll learn the value of the golden ratio as well as the construction of the golden ratio. You'll also learn about its connection to the famous Fibonacci sequence. 2  - 3 p.m. BB 111
Brain Bowl – Advanced Level Prof. Boulware and Prof. Rosenthal Join in the fun and fast-paced math competition with questions drawn from all math topics. Bring your phone, connect to Wi-Fi, and go to Prizes will be awarded to the top scorers. 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. BB 111

2019 Events Schedule - April 4 - Palm Beach Gardens
Event Name Presenter Description Time Location
Math, Energy and Powerful Careers Prof. Oleg Andric, Electrical Power Tech. With so much talk about STEM education and STEM careers, the talk focuses on local and global energy industry as well as possible careers. We will discuss careers options as well as math behind the costs and benefits of these career choices. 9:30 - 10:30 a.m.  BB 111
Career Panel of Community Professionals Mr. David Jenks, Career Center Manager Join us for a Q and A! The panel will consist of local community professional with careers in STEM. 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.  BB 111
The Absolute Value of Math in Current Events Dr. Magdala Ray Come join the fun as Dr. Ray uses current events in media to reveal how often math is intertwined in our day- to-day activities. Bring a partner to compete for prizes in identifying 1) the most math facts discovered in a news story, 2) the best math-related suggestion for a solution to the problem in the news story, and 3) the best “catch” of a math error in a news story. 2 - 3 p.m.  LL 213
Sudoku – “How to” and Strategy Prof. Miller The popular game of sudoku requires critical thinking and strategy. Learn how to play sudoku and compete to win! 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. BB 111

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