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PAW Wireless Network

The information and links found on this page will assist you in accessing the College wireless network PAW.

Important Links

Access Points

Computer Use

By logging into the Palm Beach State College Wireless Network you agree not to perform any of the illegal uses listed below.

Illegal Use of a Campus Computer

  1. Use for the violation of personal privacy or for the committing of crimes.
  2. Unauthorized access to or use of computer, computer system, network, software or data.
  3. Unauthorized alteration of computer equipment software, network or data.
  4. Unauthorized duplications or use of computer programs or files.
  5. Making unauthorized changes to a computer account or other deliberate action that disrupts the operation of computer systems serving other students or the College community generally.
  6. Storing, posting, or displaying obscene or offensive data.
  7. Any activities, which adversely affect the reputation or image of Palm Beach State College.
  8. Transmitting unsolicited material such as repetitive mass e-mailings, chain messages, or advertising for private purposes.
  9. Attempts to circumvent established security procedures or to obtain access privileges to which a user is not entitled.
  10. Unauthorized access, alteration, or destruction of another user’s data, programs, or electronic mail.
  11. Attempts to obtain unauthorized access to either local or remote computer systems or networks.
  12. Running any server services (i.e. IIS (Internet Information Services), personal web servers, etc.) on college computers is prohibited.

Contact Info

Student Service Desk: 561-868-4000

Faculty/Staff Service Desk: 561-868-3100

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