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Supply Chain Management (SCM)

SCM Degree & Certificate Programs at Palm Beach State College (PBSC)

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Simona Falana
Program Academic Advisor




What is a Supply Chain?

A supply chain encompasses every aspect of a product’s journey, from sourcing raw materials to manufacturing to distribution to after-sales service and support.

Supply chain professionals oversee the resources, relationships, information and activities that result in satisfied customers.



Unlock Your Potential

Around the world, all types of businesses rely on supply chains—the network of people and organizations that bring products to consumers. Powered by global markets, instant communications and super-fast delivery systems, supply chains now reach across oceans and continents. Supply chain professionals have become indispensable to companies that depend on keeping costs low and efficiencies high—in other words, just about every company on the planet!


What does it take to succeed?

In addition to the knowledge and skills gained in PBSC's Supply Chain programs, people who thrive in this field are people-oriented, creative problem solvers, good negotiators, tech-savvy, analytical thinkers, efficient multitaskers, detail-oriented, work well under pressure, and are motivated by doing a job right.


Student Testimonial: Robert Federico


Industry Insights: Larry Hotz and Q&A Session

Mr. Hotz is an invaluable partner with PBSC's Supply Chain Management Programs. He has years of experience and extensive knowledge about Supply Chain Management and Logistics. Listen in as he answers students' questions directly, talks about what you can expect in the field, salary outcomes, and advice on getting your foot in the door and gaining further experience.  |  View Video



Deliver the goods

Opportunities Abound

This fast-growing field offers career advancement and excellent salary potential across all industries and business categories, including e-commerce enterprises, manufacturers and retailers, distribution facilities, carriers and ports, and any organization that has products to produce, transport and sell.

PBSC prepares you for opportunities in:

  • Supply Chain Operations
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Procurement & Demand Planning
  • Customer Service
  • Inventory Management


Salary OUtlook


Average Salary

Purchasing Manager


Transportation Manager


Storage & Distribution Manager


Logistics Manager


Supply Chain Manager




Production, Planning & Expediting Clerk


Freight Forwarder


Cargo and Freight Agent



Source: Emsi uses data, reports, and forecasts which are generated using government data sources and proprietary analytical processes. Actual salaries will vary depending on the job function, industry, location and individual company.



Here are examples of leading supply chain employers:




Brown Distributing

Cheney Brothers



Florida Crystals

Nestle Water

Niagara Bottling

Oase Group/GeoGlobal Partners

Port of Palm Beach


Sysco Southeast Florida

Tenet Healthcare

Tropical Shipping

US Food Service



Nationally and Internationally




Cisco Systems





Johnson & Johnson





SCM Degree & Certificates

Global Logistics & Supply Chain Technology
Career Certificate Program (CCP) | 600 Hours
Approx. length: 6 months, full-time; 9 months, part-time

This Career Certificate Program prepares students to work in transportation, distribution and logistics operations, including ports, carriers, warehouses and third-party logistics firms. Students graduate with an understanding of global logistics and supply chain technology, transportation systems, warehouse operations and the principles of economics to solve supply chain problems.


Logistics & Transportation Specialist
College Credit Certificate (CCC) | 18 Credits
Approx. length: 6 months, full-time; 9 months, part-time

In just two terms, this CCC program gets students ready to handle a range of responsibilities that impact supply chain performance. Students gain marketable skills in logistics information systems, materials and inventory planning, transportation and distribution, and managing the supply chain from raw materials to delivered products. All credits from this certificate transfer into the A.S. degree in Supply Chain Management.


Supply Chain Management
Associate in Science degree | 60 Credits
Approx. length: 2 years, full-time; 3 years, part-time

This A.S. degree program prepares you to add value to any organization’s supply chain. Employers will be impressed with your knowledge and skills in the key functions of supply chain management, including your real-world grasp of transportation and logistics, supply chain analytics, finance, legal and ethical issues, warehouse operations and more. Upon completion, you can start your career right away or continue on for a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Supervision and Management at PBSC. Or do both!

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