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Pillars of Instructional Excellence (P.I.E.) Background

In 2016, a Professional Development Committee of various College stakeholders—including faculty— began with one essential question:

What should all PBSC educators be able to do?

In 2017, VPAA Dr. Roger Yohe brought the question to faculty forums on each campus and to administrators. The answers from faculty and administration were compiled and a new committee of 15 faculty and 3 administrators formed. This new committee examined the data to look for common themes and ideas and noticed emergent categories. The committee ultimately decided upon 6 categories and named them the Pillars of Instructional Excellence (P.I.E.).

As of 2018, these Pillars of Instructional Excellence provide the framework for faculty development at Palm Beach State College.

  • Manage
  • Assess
  • Know
  • Engage
  • Include
  • Thrive

Though numerous faculty contributed ideas in the forums leading to the creation of the Pillars of Instructional Excellence, the following faculty served directly on committees in the process:

Emmanuel Alvarado, Michael Barad, Timothy Benham, Ted Cascio, Laura Clouse, Sandra Demauro, Gisela Diaz, Leonie Escoffery, Mark Gatlin, Hector Hernandez, Matt Klauza, Rachel McDermott, Magdala Ray, Ira Rosenthal, Dave Rossman, Zachary Stewart,  George Stoupas,  Jeanette Sullivan, Carrie Thompson, and Cassandra Wilbanks.



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