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Pillars of Instructional Excellence (P.I.E.)

The Pillars of Instructional Excellence (P.I.E) are outcomes that all PBSC faculty are expected to possess. Their purpose is to guide faculty development. 


Philosophy Statement

In support of Palm Beach State College’s mission to provide student-centered learning experiences that transform lives and strengthen our community, the College recognizes the importance of the art and science of teaching and its impact on student success.

PBSC values the skills and abilities that its faculty already maintains while simultaneously recognizing the evolutionary nature of teaching and learning. The aim of faculty development is to enhance educator skills to promote success for all students.

In line with the College’s strategic plan, faculty development will engage in such areas as developing talented people, innovative practices, diversity, and performance excellence while simultaneously growing our talents through engaging and high-quality experiences.

The College is committed to providing opportunities and resources to aid faculty in their development. Palm Beach State College expects a culture of continuous self-reflection and learning among its faculty. 



Note: We are currently revamping the Pillars website. There are no longer individual pages for each pillar outcomes but more information will be available soon. For now, please find information here:

Read more about each pillar & outcomes [PDF]




Create and employ a variety of effective lessons and assessments that accurately measure and promote student learning and continuous improvement. 




Apply contemporary, evidence-based teaching practices that maximize student learning. 




Demonstrate intercultural competence that embodies respect and empathy, using knowledge and skills to utilize teaching strategies to create an atmosphere which maximizes learning for all.




Update/redesign courses, assessments, and individual learning opportunities that are relevant to this knowledge.




Employ methods and manage resources that create a positive learning environment to effectively promote opportunities for student success.




Embody positive mental, emotional, physical, and interpersonal lives in their work and in the culture of the College by employing strategies to promote well-being for themselves and others. 

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