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Panther Proud 90

In 2023, Palm Beach State College will celebrate its 90th birthday. In honor of this milestone, we are featuring 90 of our alumni that have made PBSC proud. Read their stories.


Photo of Theodore Babbitt

Theodore Babbitt
Attended 1960-1961

Photo of Luc Beauliere

Luc Beauliere
A.A., 2007

Photo of David Bethea

David Bethea
A.A., 1999

Photo of Jenny Big Crow

Jenny Big Crow
A.A., 2011


Photo of Jeffrey Bolton

Jeffrey S. Bolton
Attended 2006-2009

Photo of Barry Bozeman

Barry Bozeman
A.A., 1966

Photo of Crystl Bustos

Crystl Bustos
Attended 1995-1997

Photo of Albert Capestany

Albert Capestany
CCP, 2015


Photo of Shannon Cavallo

Shannon Cavallo
A.S., 200

Photo of Maria Chapado

Maria Chapado
A.A., 2012

Photo of tara Chattergoon

Tara Chattergoon
CEE Certificate, 2016


Photo of Vicki Chouris

Vicki Chouris
Attended 1982 & 1998

Photo of Bobby Conley

Bobby Conley
A.A., 2015

Photo of Maylee De Jesus

Maylee De Jesús
A.A., 2014


Photo of Fabio DeMoura

Fabio DeMoura
A.A.S., 2012 / B.A.S., 201


Photo of Kunal Dutt

Kunal Dutt
A.S., 2009

Photo of Max Elhamad

Max Elhamad
A.A., 2013 / A.S., CCC, 2017

Photo of Jared Esselman

Jared Esselman
A.A., 2007

Photo of Lori Fischer

Lori Fischer
B.S., 2016


Photo of Wivyan FranklinWivyan Franklin
CCC, 2013

Photo of Charles GablemanCharles C. Gableman
A.S., A.A., 1989 & 1990

Photo of George GentileGeorge Gentile
A.A., 1973

Photo of Robert GlassmanRobert S. Glassman
A.A., 1997


Photo of Kristy Grant

Kristy Grant
A.A., 2008

Photo of Yolana Griffith

Yolanda Griffith
A.A., attended 1989-1991

Photo of Sully Guerrier

Sully Guerrier
A.A., 2017

Photo of Noel Guillama

Noel J. Guillama
Attended 1980, 1986, 1988 & 1991


Photo of Mark Hansen

Mark Hansen
A.A., 1991

Photo of Dale Hedrick

Dale R. Hedrick
A.A., 1976



Photo of Dr. Ryan Hynd

Dr. Ryan Hynd
A.A., 2001

Photo of Lance Ivey

Lance Ivey
A.A., 1990

Photo of Lina Jankus

Lina Jankus
A.A., 2002

Photo of Clarence Jennings

Clarence Jennings
A.S., 2019 / C.C.


Photo of Dennis Kanai

Dennis Kanai
A.A., 1973

Photo of Dr. Eliezer Kinberg

Dr. Eliezer Kinberg
CCP, 2007 / A.A., 2009 / B.A.S., 2011

Photo of Max Kramer

Max Kramer
CCP, 2015

Photo of Lia Larrea

Lia Larrea
A.A., 2009


Photo of Peter Licata

Peter Licata
Attended 1986-1991, 1994-199

Photo of Vera Long

Vera Long
A.S., 1990


Photo of Rose Mannino

Rose Mannino
A.A., 2000 / A.S., 2005

Photo of Candy Marchsteiner

Candy Marchsteiner
EPI Certificate, 2013

Photo of Jarrel Marshall

Jarrel Marshall
A.A., 2015


Photo of Genaro Martinez de Villa

Genaro Martinez de Villa
CCC, 2014 / A.S., 2016

Photo of Donald Mau

Donald Mau
CCC, 2014


Photo of Patricia Medina

Patricia Medina
A.A., 2015

Photo of John Michalak

John Michalak
Attended 1989-1992, 1995-1997

Photo of Jowie Mohammed

Jowie Mohammed
A.A., 2008 | CCC, 2010 | A.S., B.A.S., 2012

Photo of Margaret Neddo

Margaret Neddo
A.S., 1990



Photo by Katie O’Gara

Katie O’Gara
A.S., 2012

Photo of Curtis Ober

Curtis Ober
CCP, 2013 | A.A., 2015

Photo of Robert  M. Orr

Robert M. Orr
A.A., 1974

Photo of Jesper Parnevik

Jesper Parnevik
Attended 1985-1986


Photo of Brad Peacock

Brad Peacock
Attended 2006-2007

Photo of Sandra Raymond

Sandra Raymond
A.S. Nursing, 2005

Photo of Elizabeth Reich

Elizabeth Reich
A.S., 1999


Photo of  Sammis Reyes

Sammis Reyes
A.A., 2016

Photo of Jack Rhodes

Jack Rhodes
A.A., 1966

Photo of Peggy Rowe-Linn

Peggy Rowe-Linn
A.A., 1975


Photo of Mary Santos-Olsen

Mary Santos-Olsen
A.S., 1984

Photo of Emily Serpico

Emily Serpico
CCP, 2014


Photo of Haley Seyfarth

Haley Seyfarth
Attended 2015-2017

Photo of Kevin Siegrist

Kevin Siegrist
Attended 2007-2009

Photo of Tate Storey

Tate Storey
A.A., 2011

Photo of Jacqueline Strivelli

Jacqueline Strivelli
A.A., 2009 / CCC, 2016


Photo of Julie Swindler

Julie Swindler
A.A., 1977

Photo of Tyson Tabora

Dr. Tyson Tabora
A.A., 1999

Photo of Brittany Tiegs

Brittany Tiegs
Attended 2010-2011


Photo of Ashley Tripp

Ashley T. Tripp
A.A., 2008

Photo of Jaime Walker

Jaime Walker
A.A., ATD, CCP, 2002 / CCP, 2006

Photo of Juan J. Williams

Juan J. Williams
A.A., 1982

Photo of Angela Yungk

Angela Yungk
A.A., 2006


Photo of Claudia Zamora

Claudia Zamora
A.S., 2000 / B.A.S., 2016





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