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Grants & Foundation Accounting

Grants Accounting Section is under the direction of the College Controller and is primarily responsible for establishing an effective contract and grant management system to monitor compliance with fiscal and reporting requirements as established by Federal and State law, agency regulations, college policies and procedures and generally accepted accounting principles. In addition, Grants Accounting is responsible for developing and negotiating the college indirect cost rate.

Foundation Accounting  is responsible for all foundation accounting activities including accounts payable and financial reporting.

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Employee Contact Information
Name Title Phone Number Email MS#
Deepika Dias Accounting Manager, Grants & Foundation 561-868-3106 11.5
William Garzon Grants Accountant II 561-868-3074 11.5
Adriana Wardlow Grants Accountant I (Student Activities) 561-868-3928 11.5
Laura Zarate Accounting Specialist, Foundation Accounting 561-868-3076 11.5
Malraj Sugathapala Temporary Accountant 561-868-3175 11.5

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