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The payroll department is responsible for salary payments of all College employees and student assistants. Payment of payroll deductions and benefits are processed through payroll. Payment of benefits to insurance companies and tax shelter annuity payments are also done through payroll. W-2 income tax forms are distributed to employees by the payroll department at the end of each calendar year.

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Name Title Phone MS#
Laurel Serra ERP Functional Manager, Payroll (561) 868-4073 26
Kelly Ingram Interim Manager, Payroll (561) 868-3098 26
Darlene Rodweller Payroll Associate (Time Entry, Leave & Absence)
(561) 868-3102 26
Jennifer Scott Payroll Associate (Time Entry, Leave & Absence)
(561) 868-3097 26
Eunice Gaston Payroll Specialist (General Payroll & Payroll Accounting)
(561) 868-3101 26
Cathy Saidon Payroll Associate (Time Entry & Timesheet Reporting) 
(561) 868-3104 26
Dawn Bullock Payroll Specialist (Payroll Benefits & Deductions)
(561) 868-3994 26
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