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The Travel Office’s goal is to uphold the Finance Department’s mission by providing high quality and efficient travel reimbursement services to faculty and staff.  Our aim is to clarify travel policies; process travel repayments, advances, and reimbursements in a timely manner; and tracking all travel related expenses such as travel forms and mileage. 

Policies & Procedures


Mileage Reimbursement

Vicinity Mileage: This is generally mileage between campuses or mileage within 50 miles. (see Instructions for full details).  After completing the Mileage Reimbursement Form, attach in your Create Expense Report and submit in Workday.


Travel for College Business

In accordance with Florida Statutes, all travel must be authorized and approved prior to incurring any expense.  Create Spend Authorization 


How do I get a TCard? 
All requests for a Travel Card (TCard) issuance must be submitted via the Create Request – Credit Card Application form.  The completed from must be signed by the applicant and the applicant’s manager through the Workday application process which will then be routed to the travel office for processing.  The Card Office may be reached at

How long does it take to receive a TCard once the application is submitted?
It could take up to 2 weeks to receive the TCard.  The applicant will be contacted by the Card Office to attend a mandatory training prior to being issued the TCard.

Is Palm Beach State College exempt from paying sales tax?
Palm Beach State College is exempt from paying sales taxes within the State of Florida. If a cardholder is charged sales tax, he/she should either have the hotel/vendor reimburse the taxes or pay out of pocket at the cashier’s office. You can obtain a copy of the College's tax exemption certificate. Also located on the Purchasing or Finance Forms websites.

Can I pay for meals on my Travel Card (TCard) when traveling?
No, for employees, PBSC pays per diem for meals, not out of pocket costs.  The College utilizes rates adopted in Florida Statute, Section 112.061.

What is the deadline to process transactions?
When transactions are downloaded into Workday, they should be verified within 3-5 business days.

What is the deadline to submit the bank statement and receipts?
Statements are always delivered to the cardholder the following month.  For instance, if charges are made in November, cardholders should receive their statement by the beginning of December. Statements are due by the last business day of the month.

What is my TCard/PCard credit limit?  
Your credit card has a specific monthly dollar amounts with a single transaction limit of $999.00. This amount recycles at the start of each month.  Supervisor approval is required to purchase outside the pre-approved limits and restrictions. Submit "Create Request" task to request a Temporary Card Increase in Workday.  Use the job aid "Create Request-Temporary Card Increase". 

Once submitted, when will a limit increase take effect?
Please allow 24 - 48 hrs for limit increases and restriction lifts to be completed.

I mistakenly used my TCard to make a personal purchase. What do I need to do?
Contact the Travel Office first to confirm whether the repayment can be deducted or recovered from a Reimbursement Payment.  This is to avoid a duplicate repayment. For Repayment: Take the completed Deposit Log - Employee form along with cash/check to the cashier's office to reimburse the College. Attach the cashier's paid receipt to the bank statement and submit to the TCard office.  Email: or inner office mail is fine MS #59.


How do I change or update my credit card pin?  
Contact the toll-free number on the back of your card or can use Global Card Access E-Service portal.  

What do I do if lost/misplace my receipt?  
If possible, contact the vendor for a copy or complete Missing Affidavit Form for PCard. Attach signed copy to the PCard transaction(s). 

What do I do if my credit card declines?  
Your card can be declined for many reasons. MCC (merchant code) restrictions, amount exceeds your card limit, bypassing your pin, wrong information provided E.g., the address, zip code, or contact number affiliated with your card.  Contact the bank to confirm. Contact the Credit Card Administrator.

Where do I process my TCard transactions in Workday?  
Your TCard transactions are processed by completing the Create Expense Report in Workday.  You may have multiple expense reports for the purpose of paying travel expenses on a timely basis. For example, you may have to prepay for the conference registration fee, airfare, hotel, etc. well before your travel begins.  This expense should be processed once it is available in Workday.  Initiate your create expense report with minimal information (Pay To; Create New Expense Report from Spend Authorization) to see if the Credit Card Transaction has automatically populated. Once there, complete prior to your trip.  When you return, any other expenses will need to be processes in the same manner.

What do I do if I received a budget fail?
If you receive a ‘budget fail’ on your spend authorization, you must resolve the budget funding issue before the spend authorization can progress in the approval path.  Please work with your cost center manager or proper manager or administrator to verify the correct worktags are being used or fund the budget fail with other fund source(s) through a budget amendment.

How can I find may Spend Authorization (and/or Expense Report) for myself and/or worker?
There are many ways to find the spend authorization and expense report depending on your security.  If it is for yourself, you can look in the Expense Hub (app) then click Spend Authorizations.  If it is for a worker that you created, try looking in your Inbox > Archive and search for the Spend Authorization. Or "Find Spend Authorization for Organization" report from the search bar.  Then filter by created by, cost center account, and/or Payee's name.

Do I have to create a Spend Authorization for a webinar?
No, but you do need to Create Expense Report.  Enter the content and list in the “Expense Lines” tab the Expense Item as “Webinars”.  Be sure to put in the “Header” tab, the Business Purpose as “Virtual Event”. Attach the Webinar paid invoice / receipt with a copy of the agenda / schedule on the Expense Item Line.  

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Office & Staff Information

Finance Department | Card Administrator:
Lake Worth Campus | CE203
4200 Congress Avenue, MS#59
Lake Worth, FL 33461-4796 

Kathya Meighan
Credit Card Administrator

Emelia Lindo
Purchasing Card Specialist


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