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General Accounting & Accounts Payable

Accounting is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the integrity of the college's accounting system. This includes the maintenance of the chart of accounts and the review of the general ledger.

Accounts Payable is committed to ensuring that all vendors and employee reimbursements are paid in a timely manner for services rendered and goods delivered. The College is a political subdivision of the State of Florida and as such does not complete credit applications. The College is exempt from paying Florida Sales tax. If you have any purchasing questions, including filing a W-9, please contact Purchasing. Palm Beach State terms are net 30 days unless otherwise stated.

Contact Us

Accounts Payable
Palm Beach State College
4200 Congress Avenue,  MS#59
Lake Worth, FL 33461

Phone: (561) 868-3094
Fax: (561) 868-3093


Contact Information
Name Title Phone Number Email MS#
Vacant Assistant Controller, General
& Restricted Accounting
561-868-3108 59
Naomi Apfel GL Accountant 561-868-3095 59
Ivette Velez Treasury Payables / Disbursements Manager 561-868-3105 59
Madeline Steinman Accounts Payable Coordinator 561-868-3094 59
Kathya Meighan Accounting Associate II (Travel) 561-868-3621 59
Keisha McArthur Accounting Associate II 561-868-3626 59
Ana Sacerio Accounts Payable Coordinator 561-868-3092 59

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