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Congratulations Class of Spring 2019





Wednesday, May 8, 2019



Palm Beach County Convention Center

650 Okeechobee West Palm Beach, FL 33401



9:30 a.m. Ceremony

  • Bachelor's Degree Programs
  • Associate in Science Degree
  • Associate in Applied Science Degree
  • Certificate Programs

2 p.m. Ceremony

  • Associate in Arts Degree

There is no rehearsal prior to the ceremony. 

All graduates should report one hour before the start of the ceremony for preparation and final instructions.



Your Graduation Packet contains 4 tickets 

Reserved in your name and Guide for Graduation.

Photo ID is required.

All guests, including all children (ages 2 years old and older), must have a ticket.

These tickets will be available from April 22nd to May 6th at your local campus bookstore.

Based on availability, 2 additional tickets per graduate may be available on Tuesday, May 7th at your local campus bookstore.

Note: Tickets may not be available at the door.



Do I need to apply to graduate?

  • No, graduation is an automatic process - No application is required.
  • You will receive a graduation RSVP email by March 25, 2019
  • Note: If you're enrolled in a PSAV course, your email will arrive around April 1, 2019.

Which Email should I check for the RSVP?

Your Palm Beach State College email will contain your RSVP email. 

Do I need to respond to the RSVP email?

YES, by April 5, 2019.

How do I check my Graduation Status?

  • A Degree Audit is a useful tool to know where you are in your program and how many classes you need to take.
  • Step 2: Go to the Advising Tab and select "Display degree audit."
  • PantherWeb will display a degree audit with your major and how your courses satisfy your degree.

What if I am completing classes in the Summer?

  • Students with 6 credits or less are eligible to participate in Spring  2019 commencement.
  • Remaining credits need to be finished in the Summer semester.
  • If you are a student with 6 credits or less to complete in summer and would like to participate in Spring commencement, please Email by April 5 2019.

Do I need to complete any other tasks?

  • Yes, pick up your Graduation packet on or after April 22, 2019- May 6, 2019.
  • Purchase your cap and gown.
  • Phi Theta Kappa members should contact their PTK advisor for special instructions.

Where can I purchase class rings?

Class rings may be purchased through the college bookstore on any campus.

What if my guest or I have a disability?

  • If you or any of your guests need to request disability-related accommodations, contact Disability Support Services at least one week before commencement.
  •  Please note that seating will be provided for guests using wheelchairs.



Graduates will be in full academic regalia (cap, gown, tassel). All tassels should be worn on the right side. The standard approved academic regalia are black gown for Certificates and Associates, green gown for Bachelor's, and mortar board with tassel. In addition, the following are the approved academic regalia for Honor's societies members:

  • Dr. Floyd F. Koch Honors College - Medallion
  • Dental Honors Society - White stole with blue edging and lilac tassel
  • Lambda Epsilon Chi Paralegal Honor Society - Purple stole with gold Greek letters and gold edging
  • Radiography Honors Society - Gold stole with Greek burgundy letters (Lambda Nu) & Maroon tassel
  • Respiratory Honors Society - Gold pin
  • PSI Beta - Medallion
  • Phi Theta Kappa - Gold stole with blue Greek letters and gold tassel with Greek letters
  • Phi Theta Kappa (approved officers)- Medallion
  • Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society- Medallion; Forest green stole with gold/forest green cord and tassels
  • Lambda Epsilon Chi Paralegal Honor Society- Purple stole with gold edging, Greek letters and gold seal
  • Bachelor's Degree Program Scholars Club- Black stole with gold lettering
  • Veteran Military Service Members and Dependents- Red, white and blue cord
  • Only the above approved academic adornments can be worn with the academic regalia for Commencement.


Before the Ceremony

  • Arrive dressed in your cap and gown and report one hour before the start of the ceremony.
  • Ask your guests to go directly into the Exhibit Hall for seating.
  • Guests should be seated 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony. All doors are closed to allow passage of the procession.
  • Pick up your name card at check-in. (This card will be an essential part of the degree and certificate conferral process during the ceremony.)
  • Your personal belongings (purses, keys, etc.) must be secured with a friend or family member.
  • No balloons or noisemakers are allowed.


During the Ceremony

  • Women should keep their caps on throughout the ceremony. Men should remove their caps for the National Anthem.
  • You will be escorted to the platform for individual recognition. Please hand your name card to the announcer.
  • When you cross the platform, the president will shake your hand and hand your diploma cover to you.
  • Leave the platform by the opposite stairs, have your picture taken, and return to your row and seat.
  • A photographer will take your picture as you greet the president and again as you exit the platform.
  • All graduates and their guests are expected to remain in the Exhibit Hall until the entire ceremony is over.  Please plan for approximately 2 1/2 hours.


After the Ceremony

  • At the conclusion of the ceremony, you will be dismissed from your seat after the platform party and the faculty have exited.
  • After the college has verified that all degree requirements have been met, diplomas will be mailed to the address listed on your degree application in approximately 8 weeks.
  • GradImages will e-mail details on the availability of your individual photographs.
  • Note: Once a degree has been earned, your program status will automatically change to non-degree-seeking.
  • Students who plan to pursue an additional degree or certificate must submit a Change Program of Study form through PantherWeb. Not doing so will have an adverse impact on a student's eligibility for financial aid.


Contact Us

Graduation Office

Ph: 561-868-3030


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