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Honors Advisory Council

Schedule of Meetings

Meetings will be held once per semester - fall and spring.

If you are interested in attending, please contact the Honors College for dates.

2023 - 2024 Honors Advisory Council

Contact Information
Name Campus Honors College Role
Marcella Montesinos District Director/Chair
Gabriela Blanco District Member
Sheila Scott-Lubin Lake Worth Member
Sapna Gupta Lake Worth Member
Lystra Seenath Lake Worth Member
Julie Sivigny Lake Worth Ex Officio
Tunjarnika Coleman-Ferrell Lake Worth Ex Officio
Sandra Demauro Lake Worth Campus Liaison
Allen Webber Lake Worth Member
Robin Fiedler Palm Beach Gardens Campus Liaison
Wendy Mendez-Hasselman Boca Raton Member
Rhonda Trust Schwartz Boca Raton Member
Sherry Hall Boca Raton Campus Liaison
Mark Gatlin Loxahatchee Grove/Belle Glade Member
Kevin Coakley Loxahatchee Grove/Belle Glade Campus Liaison


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