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Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

A Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is a long-term plan to improve student learning by focusing on a specific topic. It is required for continued accreditation by the Southern Association of College and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). A college or university QEP must include clearly defined goals and outcomes, and have an assessment plan to measure how well those goals and outcomes are accomplished.

Palm Beach State College is currently implementing its first QEP with a College-wide focus on critical thinking.

  • Project implementation is 2012-2017 with an emphasis on professional development in an effort to help students develop and apply critical thinking skills and dispositions.

  • Apply the critical thinking learning outcomes through the dissemination and utilization of the QEP Critical Thinking Quick Guide.

  • Workshops and Professional Learning Groups (PLGs) are offered to faculty and staff each fall and spring semester on campus as well as to new adjunct faculty and instructors through the Faculty Development Course.

  • Best instructional and assessment strategies are being identified in all programs and shared College-wide in the Panther Online Learning Objects repository (POLO) and on the Resources page.

  • Critical Thinking Resources are available online and through the Campus resource centers.

  • See Reports and Meeting Minutes to view the timeline, support teams, and meeting updates.

Introductory Virtual Workshops

The modules provide an introduction to the 2012-2017 QEP and critical thinking as defined by Palm Beach State College. The Reflection and Resource Guide offers additional information and opportunities for reflection, and is available to those who enroll in the Blackboard version of this virtual workshop. Click on any image or links for video overviews. College faculty and staff who are interested in collaborating ideas or tracking their completion of the workshop may do so in a Blackboard learning environment.

Resource & Reflection Guide
This is available to Blackboard participants or College employees on the College intranet. You must be on campus to access this. Log in may be required.

QEP Contact Info

Erin E. Sullivan, QEP Manager

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