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decorative imageArticulation activities are an important area for Palm Beach State College. The information on this page includes the College's articulation activities, including Career Pathways, and articulation agreements (known as transfer agreements) with other colleges and universities.

Career Pathways is our articulation from local public high schools that allows students to gain college credit for the learning in high school.  This group of agreements fall under the wider Inter-institutional Articulation Agreement (IAA) between Palm Beach State, the Palm Beach County School District and FAU.

Palm Beach State College has over 40 articulation agreements with other colleges and universities around the nation. These agreements allow both Associate in Arts and Associate in Science graduates to seamlessly transfer to an upper division institution and get maximum credit transfer.  New to the site are agreements between our bachelor program graduates and masters level programs.

Articulation Agreement Procedures

Articulation Agreement Template

Articulation Agreement Checklist

Interinstitutional Articulation/Career Pathways

Transfer Agreements

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