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Spring Break: Palm Beach State will be closed for classes and services from Monday, March 4 - Sunday, March 10, 2024.

Counseling between an adult and a teen

Student Counseling Center

Feeling stressed, anxious or depressed?

It's okay to ask for help!

Counseling & Case Management is available on all five campuses.

Call to schedule an appointment with one of our talented counselors now.

Bilingual counselors are available and we offer a variety of support groups to meet students needs.

Phone: 561-868-3980  |  Email:

Social Media: Facebook | Instagram

After hours: Call 2-1-1 or South County Mental Health Mobile Crisis Team at 877-858-7474




Student Counseling

The Student Counseling Center provides free and confidential mental health counseling to all PBSC students currently registered for classes.  We offer individual counseling, support groups, psychoeducation, and  community resources.

Case Management (PERC)

Need help with linkage to community resources? Assistance with SNAP registration? We can help!  All services are confidential and at no cost to any student currently registered for classes.

Foster Care Support

Are you a Foster Care Student attending PBSC on a DCF waiver? The Student Counseling Center is your hub for support and guidance. We are here to assist and support you so your college experience is positive and successful.


Counseling Groups for Students

Note: All groups run through the end of April 2024.






Meet the Staff

Robin Russo

Robin Russo, LCSW

Director of Student Well Being

Robin has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker within the State of Florida for since 2000.  She has been a qualified supervisor for both student interns and post graduate interns seeking full licensure within the state of Florida for almost as long.  Over the years Robin has acted in various professional capacities including board membership of the national organization SHARE, Pregnancy and Infant Loss; Florida State Representative of the National Perinatal Social Worker Association; member of the Fetal and Infant Mortality Review Board of Palm Beach County as well as the Child Fatality Review Board of Palm Beach County.  

Robin has advanced training and or certification in such modalities as EMDR, TIR, DBT, Hypnotherapy, and Clinical Sexology.  She has acted in a Clinical Director role in Substance Abuse Treatment facilities and as Program Coordinator for a specialized programming in the Hospice setting.  Robin brings a unique background to mental health care in that she also has a degree in Physical Education/Exercise Science and believes the strong connection between mind and body in maintaining optimal health. She maintains a small private practice focused on women’s issues and supervision.


As a client of the Counseling Center, you have the right to strict confidentiality and no information about your case will be released without your prior written authorization.  The right to confidentiality may be waived, in your counselor's professional opinion, if you meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Your counselor believes that you pose a serious & immediate danger to yourself or others; he/she will take protective actions.  These actions may include seeking hospitalization for you, notifying any potential victim(s), and/or notifying the police.

  • Your counselor has reason to believe that a child or vulnerable adult is being neglected or abused. The law requires that the situation be reported to the appropriate state agency.

  • The issue of your mental health is raised in court proceedings. In this case, your records may be ordered to be released by a judge.

  • You are under 18 years of age. In this case, please be aware that the law provides your parents the right to examine your treatment records. Before giving your parents any information we will discuss the matter with you, if possible, and do our best to handle any objections you may have with what we are prepared to discuss.

 Note: Parents of minors must provide consent for ongoing treatment.


Students of Concern Confidentiality Exception

Confidentiality may be extended to the Dean of Students or Threat Assessment Committee under circumstances warranting such discussion for the purpose of Threat Assessment or Safety Concerns as described in the Student Handbook.


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