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Panther Strong 2026 Strategic Plan

Capabilities and Culture

Create an Exceptional Panther First Experience

Big Idea Statement (Strategy)

By 2026, the college will develop high-performing, motivated, and impactful employees who focus their roles on student and employee experiences. We will increase employee engagement through communication, career opportunities, college events, and professional learning. We will increase student retention through participation in clubs and organizations, internships, and process improvement.


Overview of Key Tactics

  • Develop communication etiquette norms with PBSC Connects.
  • Implement a shared governance model for Academic Affairs.
  • Organize process improvement contests and team awards.
  • Create the Grow Your Own program to increase workplace learning for students through work-study and internships.
  • Create the “Panther First” learning and training experiences.
  • Shift employee mindset to focus on servicing students and enhancing the experience at PBSC.
  • Design a student ambassador training program.
  • Implement performance indicators of customer service.
  • Ensure all students engage in at least one student activity.
  • Design Level Up Talent program and increase engagement by senior leadership.


Leading Measures

  1. Improve Communications.
  2. Employee Experience.
  3. GYOT: Percent of Internal Recruitment Mobility.
  4. Foster Student Engagement.
  5. Process Improvement.


Supporting Data

  1. Programs that improve communication and the wellbeing of employees would be well-received based on the Great Colleges to Work For 2022 survey data at Palm Beach State College. The survey ranks confidence in leadership and the faculty experience as poor, and collaboration and communication as warranting attention.


Team Leaders

  • Michael Pustizzi, M.B.A.
  • Angela Harrington, M.A.


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