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Panther Strong 2026 Strategic Plan

Transfer and Bachelor’s Attainment

Streamline the Transfer Process

Big Idea Statement (Strategy)

Palm Beach State College aims to retain current and prospective transfer students by prioritizing the establishment of relationships with community partners and upper-division stakeholders, expanding and rebranding program offerings, and implementing a tracking system to monitor student progress from enrollment to completion and up to at least one year after leaving the college.


Overview of Key Tactics

  • Work with University partners to establish a framework for tracking the success of transfer students.
  • Gather data benchmarks from IRE surveys, focus groups, and other tools.
  • Design and implement a transfer webpage.
  • Process map the current transfer experience for students and reengineer the transfer experience as appropriate.
  • Expand Certificate, Associate, and Baccalaureate programs to meet workplace demand.
  • Revise & Increase transfer articulation agreements with 10 universities over the next three years.
  • Identify academic program alignments between PBSC and partner institutions . 
  • Refine data tracking methodologies.
  • Brand and package the transfer process and experience to support enrollment from Certificate to AA to bachelor’s.
  • Review transfer agreements and revise MOUs.


Leading Measures

  1. Interaction Rate.
  2. Alumni Engagement and Satisfaction.
  3. Transfer Rate to Partnering Institutions.
  4. Transfer Rate of Students Entering PBSC from Other Institutions. 
  5. Retention Rate at Transfer Institutions.
  6. Surveys by Program. 
  7. Performance in Pre-Requisite Program Courses at PBSC. 


Supporting Data

  1. IRE data shows that 48% of PBSC AA graduates transfer to a Bachelor’s program within one year of graduating.
  2. Only 28% of our AA degree students attain their Bachelor’s degree within two years of graduating, and 73% attain their Bachelor’s degree after four years of graduating.
  3. Job openings for business administration, management, and operations are high in Palm Beach County 5,558 jobs. Graduates without a bachelor’s degree are ineligible for these jobs. 


Team Leaders

  • Peter Barbatis, Ed.D.
  • Stephen Joyner, Ph.D.
  • Don Gladney, Ed.D.
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