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Your Rights

If you have experienced any type of sexual harassment or gender-discrimination, including sexual violence, it is important to know your rights.

You have a right to report the incident to the College. You also have a right to notify your local law enforcement authority. A report to the College will provide you with support services, local agency referrals and information on your options with regard to resolution. 

File a Confidential report through the Counseling Center.

  • Call 561-868-3890 for an appointment for students or through the Employee Assistance Program at 800-624-5544 for employees.

A written formal complaint may result in an investigation and a formal resolution.


As the Complainant:

You have the right to:

  • Discuss the situation with the Title IX Coordinator, whose role is to assist students or employees with these concerns.      
  • Access supportive measures specific to your situation – these may include but are not limited to:
    • A change in class or work schedule
    • On campus counseling services or EAP services for employees
    • Campus security officer escort on campus
    • Alternative parking arrangements
    • Access community resources for additional support and information
  • Discuss options related to next steps, filing a formal complaint with the College or information on contacting local law enforcement, if that is your decision.


As the Respondent:

You have the right to:

  • know the names of the parties involved, if known.
  • know the date, time and location of the alleged incident, if known.
  • know the name of the investigator and the date, time and location of the first interview.
  • know that you are presumed not responsible as no determination of responsibility will be made until the conclusion of the process.
  • have a hearing advisor of their choice, 
  • know that no notation will be made on your transcript


Complainant & Respondent Rights:

You both have the right to:

  • a fair, unbiased, equitable investigation that is free from conflicts of interest
  • receive advance written notification of any investigation related meetings
  • identify witnesses and provide documentation to the investigator
  • ask questions of the investigator
  • review all documentation collected by the investigator relative to the complaint
  • review the investigative report in draft form and provide feedback
  • the right to have a trained decision maker determine responsibility.
  • have a hearing advisor of your choice accompany you throughout the conduct process to the hearing and cross-examine the other party through the hearing chair and the other party’s advisor
  • use the Center for Student Accessibility or Human Resources to provide accommodations as necessary


Pregnant & Parenting

Pregnant and parenting students have rights under Title IX as well. If pregnancy, voluntary or involuntary termination and/or childbirth are impacting a student’s ability to be successful in class(es), the college may provide assistance in the form of academic adjustments made in consultation with you and your professors.

This support could include but is not limited to providing excused absences, making up work, working from home, or providing a different desk.

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