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Complaints or Concerns


If you have a concern or a complaint, we at the Center for Student Accessibility would appreciate the opportunity to address your concern.

Most student grievance with faculty is the result of a misunderstanding over expectations and can be resolved with a Department Chair or Dean.

However, there are times students may elect to escalate their concerns.  Students should contact the CSA office and the following process will be initiated:

Step 1: CSA Manager

  • The student should notify the campus Center for Student Accessibility (CSA) Manager of complaint.
  • CSA manager will meet with the student to discuss their concern, including any relevant details necessary to conduct a review.
  • The student will be given a timeframe for a response.
  • The student will receive a detailed explanation of the resolution.
  • Complaint is resolved.

However, if the student is not satisfied with the resolution with the CSA Manager the student may escalate the concern by submitting a Student Problem Resolution Form to the Student Development Director.

Step 2: The Student Development Director

Student Development Director will review student’s complaint and the CSA Manager’s report as well as contact others mentioned in the student’s complaint. The student and the Student Development Director will meet to discuss the matter. The student will be given a timeframe for a response and explanation of the resolution once the matter is resolved. If the student is not satisfied with the resolution, they may contact the Dean of Student Development.

Step 3: The Equity Officer/ 504 Coordinator

If the student is not satisfied with the Dean of Student Development they may contact the Equity Officer/504 Coordinator, Juanita Hook, at 561-868-3111 or

A student at any time may bypass previous steps to escalate complaint directly to any of the following:

  • Executive Director, Human Resources
  • Human Resources Director & Equity Officer/504 Coordinator
  • Title IX Coordinator
Contact Information
Name Title Phone Number Email
Mike Pustizzi Executive HR Director 561-868-3879
Juanita Hook HR Director, Equity Officer/504 Coordinator 561-868-3111
Penny Mcisaac Coordinator, Title IX 561-868-3277

The following policies address the college’s position regarding discrimination, class substitutions, the use of a service animal and the grievance process.

Students with disabilities have the rights to:

  • Participate equally in and benefit from courses, programs, services and activities offered through Palm Beach State College.
  • Access reasonable accommodations and/or auxiliary aids and services with equity.
  • Expect confidentiality regarding disability-related information and to choose to whom information about that disability will be disclosed except as disclosures are required/permitted by law.
  • File an appeal in the event that a disability discrimination issue cannot be satisfactorily resolved.

File a complaint with the Florida Department of Education, Division of Florida Colleges, Director of Equity and Civil Rights Compliance, 325 West Gaines Street, Suite 1544, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0400, Email: or Phone: 850-245-9468.


Students with disabilities have the responsibility to:

  • Have the same obligation as any other student to meet and maintain the institution's academic and technical standards.
  • Self-identify as an individual with a disability and to provide appropriate documentation to the College to be eligible for services.
  • Request accommodations with the campus Center for Student Accessibility (CSA) representative at the beginning of each term. (At least three weeks notice is required for certain adjustments).
  • Follow published policies and procedures of the Center for Student Accessibility and Palm Beach State College.

Accommodations designed to meet your individual learning needs do not reduce your responsibility for meeting the same academic standards, conduct codes and course requirements as those required of all students at Palm Beach State College.

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