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About The Center For Student Accessibility

About Us

The Center for Student Accessibility (CSA) at Palm Beach State College, formerly known as Disability Support Services, is committed to American Disability Act compliance by providing support, guidance, resources, and information to students who need our services. We are committed to ensuring your experience here is memorable and rewarding.

At Palm Beach State College, we understand students with or without disabilities are on a path of self-discovery and will be learning how to define themselves in the world.

We encourage these intentional efforts and hope students with disabilities utilize the following three critical components to be successful on their path of self-discovery, which include personal strength, responsibility, and maturity.

Personal strength is developed and demonstrated as students acknowledge and elect to use their talents for success rather than circumventing them because of limitations.

Next, responsibility entails taking ownership of academic, social, and civic experiences to broaden their understanding of the world.

Lastly, demonstrating mature behavior includes using resources, services, and collaborating with faculty and staff to assist them with their academic pursuits.

Transitioning to college is an exciting time as well as a period of adjustments. One of those adjustments is the difference between special education and post-secondary services.

At the collegiate level, students with disabilities are adults and are expected to demonstrate responsibility for their educational involvement and experiences.

The role of the Center for Student Accessibility is to guide students through the accessibility process by providing students the opportunity to utilize their personal strengths, think critically about solutions for their disability, and to successfully self-advocate to ensure their needs are met.

On behalf of CSA, we are grateful you have selected Palm Beach State College as a part of your vision for success.

We look forward to working with you!

Nikki Champagnie
Student Development Director

Disability and health related information are treated under strict standards regarding confidentiality. The Center for Student Accessibility will not release documentation or the exact nature of the disability without the student’s written permission.

Before requesting services from the Center of Student Accessibility, you must register with our office. Registration includes verifying your disability and speaking with a CSA advisor or manager. Disclosure of a disability is voluntary. If you may need services, accommodations or access for your disability follow these steps to register

Steps to Register with CSA

Make an appointment with the Center of Student Accessibility (CSA) advisor or manager on the campus you will be attending.

Submit current documentation from a qualified healthcare or mental health professional to support the disability claim prior to meeting with CSA advisor or manager.

Complete intake process at the meeting with a CSA advisor or manager.

Request services each term (Minimum of three weeks notice) through the CSA office.

Already Registered with CSA?

If you have already registered with CSA and have met with the advisor or manager, you are ready to request accommodations specific to your needs. Download, print and complete the Semester Request for Services form.

After completing the form, submit the form with the appropriate documentation, if needed, to the CSA office where you will be taking classes.

Fall 2020 Semester Request for Services Form - PDF

Fall 2020 Semester Request for Services Form - Word Doc

Spring 2021 Request for Services Form - PDF

Spring 2021 Request for Services Form - Word Doc

Dr. Kathleen S. Karran-McCoy
Dean of Student Development & Ombudsperson

 Nikki Champagnie
Student Development Director 

Belle Glade
Richard Hunter
Accessibility Advisor

Boca Raton
Topeka Zigler
CSA Manager

Lake Worth
Jelecia Kirk
CSA Manager

Loxahatchee Groves
Richard Hunter
Accessibility Advisor 

Palm Beach Gardens
John J. Kiefer
CSA Manager


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