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Money Smart Week

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April 17 - 21, 2023

This week-long event aims to help participants build their financial literacy.  Join us for virtual and in-person sessions to learn how to better manage your money and navigate your personal finances. 

Free and open to students, students’ friends and family, faculty, and staff. 

Check back for 2023 Money Smart Week schedule and programming.


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Ask a Banker & Tabling Event

2023 times and locations to be announced

In person at the Lake Worth Campus MLK Plaza, outside the bookstore  |  Interactive Map

Visit the MLK Plaza to meet with staff from PNC Bank or Chase Bank at our “Ask a Banker” table.  Palm Beach State representatives will be there to share financial aid information, scholarship opportunities, tutoring resources, library information, and other cost-saving tips and resources to help you in college and beyond. 


Money Smart Week 2022 Recordings

Missed Money Smart Week 2022?  Recordings are posted below.

Please note: This content is for informational purposes and is general in nature; as such, it is not a substitute for professional financial services.  Consult with a professional aware of your objectives, financial situation and needs when making financial decisions.

Presentation information for Friday, April 8, 2022
Time Recording Link Presentation Description Presenter
11 am - 12:30pm

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The Housing Affordability Crisis in South Florida: A Panel Discussion on its Impact and the Economic Landscape 

This forum will discuss the most salient issues impacting affordable housing nationwide and its implications for families in South Florida. Hear from community experts who grapple with these issues as they evaluate possible solutions. In addition to the panel discussion, a list of resources will be available on our website.

District Diversity Council  

(A Palm Beach State Hosted Event)


Presentation information for Monday, April 11, 2022
Time Location/Registration Link Presentation Description Presenter(s)
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Navigating Economic Challenges 

The aim of this presentation is to increase awareness of the economic realities students face, reinforce and build students’ financial literacy, and inspire students to advocate for themselves and others. 

PBSC Alumni Patricia Medina and Brad Williamson and PBSC Professor Dr. Chandra, who will share their personal experiences navigating the financial situations they faced in their own successful careers. 

Professor S. Chandramohan, Palm Beach State 

Bradley Williamson, PBSC Alumnus 

Patricia Medina, Esq., PBSC Alumnus 

(A Palm Beach State Hosted Event) 

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Spend Smart, Eat Smart 

Do you find that you are overspending on food and groceries? Or, do you want to adjust your food budget to cover other necessary bills? In this session, you will: 

- Walk through user-friendly tools to help you make informed decisions on grocery purchases. 

- Review planning ideas that can let you take charge of your food budget in a way that works best for your household. 

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach 

(A National Money Smart Week Hosted Event)


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What’s Your Money Habitude? 

Do you know your money habitude? Prof. Ann McLaughlin will host an interactive discussion on the money habitudes. You will discover your habit while employing tips to make better financial decisions. 

Professor Ann McLaughlin, EA, MBA, MAcc 

(A Palm Beach State Hosted Event)

Presentation information for Tuesday, April 12
Time Location/Registration Link Presentation Description Presenter

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Relevance of Culture in Personal and Business Finances 

The biggest learning opportunity for an immigrant in the USA is understanding the best practices in handling finances. 

During this session, we will uncover the importance of the Cultural element, and learn some actionable ideas on improving our finances. 

Hispanic Entrepreneur Initiative 

(A Palm Beach State Hosted Event)


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Creating Your Financial Foundation: Budgeting, Saving and Credit — Where Do I Start? 

Managing your budget can help you cover expenses with less stress, more easily pay down longer-term debt like a school loan or mortgage, and save for future financial goals. If you’re one of the 38% of Americans who don’t have a budget – or you just haven’t looked at yours in a while – this workshop has strategies that can work for you.  Learn how to find a budgeting tool you like, integrate savings into your budget, maximize your 401(k) and borrow responsibly.  

PNC Bank 

(A Palm Beach State Hosted Event)

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Credit: Build it and Improve it! 

Is your credit keeping you from the home, car, or job of your choice? In this session, you will learn what a credit score is and how it changes and key steps you can take to boost your credit score. 

Leave the session with tools to help you monitor and address common issues in your credit report that could be unfairly impacting your score. 

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 

(A National Money Smart Week Hosted Event)

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Becoming a Business Owner & Maintaining a Small Business  

Learn about becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business. Things to consider and steps to take. Also, learn about JPMorgan Chase’s program for existing businesses. Or ask a small business banker any questions you may have.  

JP Morgan Chase 

(A Palm Beach State Hosted Event)

Presentation information for Wednesday, April 13
Time Location/Registration Link Presentation Description Presenter

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Scholarships 101: Funding Your Future 

Whether you’re still in high school, just graduated, or already at college, you’ve definitely heard the word “scholarships” thrown around constantly. But, what is a scholarship, exactly? What types of scholarships are right for me? Do I need a scholarship to apply to college? And how do I get the scholarship I’m looking for? 

Join Financial Aid representative Ashley Cadena and SLC Learning Specialist Marc Fedderman to learn how to search for scholarships, submit a successful application, and write a stellar personal statement.  

Topics covered: 

1. Scholarship Basics 

2. Applying for Scholarships 

3 Writing a Powerful Personal Statement 

4. Congratulations you have been awarded! What Next? 

Financial Aid and Student Learning Center 

(A Palm Beach State Hosted Event)


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Introduction to Investing and Personal Finance  

Learn about setting financial goals, the importance of credit, good vs bad debt, spending best practices,  and how to begin investing for your future. Ask a Wealth Management/Investment specialist any questions you may have. 

JP Morgan Chase 

(A Palm Beach State Hosted Event)

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Buying or Refinancing a Home: Options and Tools 

Are you thinking about buying a new home or refinancing a current home? Are you unsure how to find a reputable lender and low-risk loan? 

Leave the session with an understanding of the steps involved in buying or refinancing a home, including what a reputable lender and credible loan should look like. 

North West Housing Partnership 

(A National Money Smart Week Hosted Event) 

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Low Cost/No Cost: A Discussion on Affordable Course Materials 

The rising costs of textbooks effects everyone. Join PBSC faculty to learn more about open educational resources and discuss the movement to create more affordable and accessible course materials. 

College Affordability Task Force 

(A Palm Beach State Hosted Event)

Presentation information for Thursday, April 14
Time Location/Registration Link Presentation Description Presenter

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Realize Your Dream: Steps to Starting a Small Business in Florida 

There are many good reasons to start a business in Florida. The state’s government keeps regulatory requirements and business taxes low. There is no personal income, capital gains, or death taxes. While Florida is a great place to start a business, the process can be time-consuming. This presentation outlines the most common steps for new businesses in Florida. While these are the most common steps to take, if you are considering opening a new business, you should consult your legal and financial advisors to guide you through the process.

Professor George Charles 

(A Palm Beach State Hosted Event)  

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Social Security: Understanding Retirement, Spouse and Survivor Benefits 

Social Security touches the lives of every American and is a vital part of any financial plan. Securing today and tomorrow starts with being informed.  In this session, you will: 

- Learn the entitlement factors for retirement, spouse, ex-spouse, and survivor benefits.  

- Gain an understanding of the options to start benefits at various ages and the effect of wages on them.  

- Expand your knowledge of Social Security’s online tools and resources. 

Social Security Administration 

(A National Money Smart Week Hosted Event)

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Purchasing a Home 101 

Learn the important steps needed to build towards home ownership. Reasons for home ownership, how your credit will affect your loan, types of mortgages, and much more. Also learn about special program Chase has to assist with home buying. You will also be able to ask questions of the 2 home lending experts. 

JP Morgan Chase 

(A Palm Beach State Hosted Event)


Personal Finance & Financial Literacy Learning Path

LinkedIn Learning Path

Complete this 3.5 hour learning path in LinkedIn Learning to boost your financial literacy. Students who complete this path by August 8, 2022, will be entered into a drawing for a $150 bookstore gift card.

Learning Path Topics:

  • The Five-step Guide to Mastering Your Money
  • Managing Your Personal Finances
  • Build Your Financial Literacy
  • Recovering from a Financial Setback

New to LinkedIn Learning? Visit the PBSC LinkedIn Learning page to learn more and make your own account. 

Already have a LinkedIn account? Access the Personal Finance & Financial Literacy Learning Path 

If you have any trouble accessing the Learning Path, please contact Librarian Danielle Campbell at


Scholarship and Financial Aid Workshops

Complete the Foundation Scholarship Application by the May 31 deadline

PBSC's Office of Financial Aid and Student Learning Centers offer free Scholarship Essay Workshops and FAFSA Workshops. Learn More


Palm Beach County Housing Resources

Visit the Housing Resources in Palm Beach County Guide for a list of county and state assistance programs.   Learn more 


College Affordability Resources

Visit the College Affordability webpage for money saving resources at Palm Beach State.


College Affordability Task Force

Money Smart Week is a College Affordability Task Force initiative in collaboration with: 

Palm Beach State Partners

Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence

District Diversity Council


Community Partners

PNC Bank

Hispanic Entrepreneur Initiative

Palm Beach County Library System

Chase Bank







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