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Current Honors Students

This web page is designed to provide you with the resources and information you need. If you cannot find what you are looking for or have additional questions, please e-mail Honors courses offer class experiences that are interactive, holistic, and in-depth. These courses are limited to 15 students, so you will get all of the benefits of open discussion and intellectual community.  Please visit this link to search for Honors course offerings:  Link to Class Search

Honors Project Contracts

An Honors Project Contract allows the student to add an Honors component to courses, with instructor permission. The student and instructor sign a contract agreeing to follow Palm Beach State College Honors requirements. In the initial phase of an Honors Project Contract, the instructor meets with the student to determine the topic of the project. The student decides which model his or her project will follow (see below). After the model and topic are determined, the instructor continues to meet with the student throughout the term to receive updates on the student's progress and to give guidance and advice on the project. During the term, the student will also complete a required Honors College Poster. For more information on this process, the instructor should see the guidelines below or contact the Honors office.

Note: Honor students are permitted to complete an honors project via eLearning or as pure Internet course.

Honors Models for Projects

Students wishing to complete an Honors project in a class may select from several project models.


Guidelines and forms

All models must

  • be from 2,000 to 5,000 words,
  • include a cover page,
  • include a Works Cited or References page with documentation and citation in the body of the paper of all references listed,
  • use either Modern Language Association (MLA) or American Psychological Association (APA) style format (instructor's choice),
  • be error-free and typed in 12-point font.

Note: The student must have written permission to publish photographs of people, and photographs borrowed from another source must be properly cited.

Honors Points

The Honors College Point System is designed to encourage active participation in the Honors community, in the Palm Beach State community, and in the local, national, and international communities to which we belong. Students are expected to earn a minimum number of points, as described in the Point System document below. Points exceeding the max of a total of 100 will not be accepted (except Honors Activities points). In addition, Honors Points may also provide a quantitative basis for scholarship determinations, program awards, and other merit-based benefits.

Honors Point System Form
Honors Co-Curricular Activities

  1. Points summary updates will be issued at the end of each month by email request only to We will no longer send notification after each individual submission of activity
  2. Honors College students graduating must submit all points one month prior to the graduation ceremony to be noted in the graduation program.

General Forms

Honors Graduation Application
This application must be submitted to the Honors office (Mail Station #29) by the term's deadline date (see Honors Calendar).

Request for Letter of Recommendation
Honors students needing a recommendation letter from the Dr. Floyd F. Koch Honors College will need to submit the form three weeks prior.


Scholarship Form

Honors College Merit Award
A $500 stipend may be awarded to Honors College participants who have completed at least two honors courses and at least 12 credit hours and a 3.5 GPA in Palm Beach State courses and seek the Honors Gold track.

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