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An online, peer-reviewed journal highlighting the research work of Palm Beach State College students. Submitted manuscripts are reviewed and edited by honors students, who oversee the publication process.

Current issue - Sabiduria Spring 2022 [pdf]

Participate in Sabiduría

Submit your paper or creative work for publication:

  • Earn Honors Points with publication
  • Additional credential on scholarship applications and academic resumes

Four Categories (Honors Students can submit one work per Category)

  • Research Based and Critical Thinking Papers with credible sources, scholarly tone that follow MLA or APA style
  • Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Art

Submissions must be:

  • Files in .doc or .rtf or .jpeg format
  • Written papers 2,000 - 2,500 words
  • Does not need to be current; papers can be from an honors class or project from previous semesters
  • Email submissions to - please include your name, phone number and title of your work.

Become a Reviewer or Co-Editor:

  • Review manuscripts submitted by your peers, and earn one(1) service point for each paper
  • If selected, Co- Editors will receive 10 service points and 1 leadership point.


Honors Faculty Advisor

Robin Fiedler
Associate Professor
Phone:  561-207-5075
Faculty Web Page


Spring 2021

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Spring 2018

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Spring 2016

Spring 2015

Fall 2013


Spring 2012

Letter from the Editors

"A Comparison of the Impact of Plant–Based and Meat–Based Diets On Overall General Well-Being"


Fall 2011

Letter from the Editors

"Pleasure versus Morality: A Psychological Approach to Leslie Huben"

"The First-Generation Challenge"


Spring 2011

Letter from the Editors

"Student Perception of Community Colleges"

"Picasso and Africa"


"A Magical Orange Grove in a Nightmare"


Fall 2010

Letter from the Editors

"Love and Marriage"

"Affordable Care Act"

"A Dream Deferred"

"People Painted Over: Whitewashing of Minority Actors in Recent Film and Television"


Spring 2010

Letter from the Editors

"Dreaming on Canvas: The Influence of Freud's Dream Analysis Theories in Three Surrealist Artists" by Jennifer K. Becker

"Reducing Recidivism: Stopping the Trend of Criminal Relapse in America" by Joseph Rosansky

"Establishing Field Camera Trap Protocol to Monitor Gopher Tortoises at Okeeheelee Park" by James Rowland

Forum Section

Thiago Coelho

Eli Kinberg

Joe Mulvey

Amina Venton


Fall 2009

Letter from the Editors

Geopolitical History and the Causes for the Modern Borders of Germany

Supreme Fallacy: Why U.S. Justices Need Term Limits

The Transformation of Hazel Quarrier in At Play in the Fields of the Lord

Quantum Entanglement: An Exploration of a Weird Phenomenon

Forum Section

Joseph Rosansky

Leslie Taylor


Spring 2009

Letter from the Editors

Gabriel's Horn: An Understanding of a Solid with Finite Volume and Infinite Surface Area

Why Honors? A Statistical Analysis of Honors Classes with Comparison to Regular Classes

The Hero as a Reflection of Culture


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