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Palm Beach State will be closed on Monday, May 27, 2024, in observance of Memorial Day.

Student Support Services (SSS)

What is Student Support Services?

Student Support Services (SSS TRiO) is a program funded by the U.S. Department of Education and is part of a network of over 2,600 TRiO programs serving nearly 866,000 students throughout the country. The mission of SSS TRiO at Palm Beach State College is to:

  • Provide intensive services to include academic advising, financial aid assistance, career guidance, and tutoring/mentoring to a targeted group of students enrolled at Palm Beach State College, thereby
  • Effectively creating opportunities for optimizing student retention, graduation and transfer assistance to four-year colleges/universities, and
  • Promoting an environment for leadership enrichment for positive community involvement and social change.

Palm Beach State College maintains a Student Support Services TRiO grant from the U.S. Department of Education to provide extensive academic and personal support services to 175 eligible students. The purpose is to increase the college's retention and graduation of students at Palm Beach State College, and to facilitate the successful transition from Associate's to Bachelor's Degrees.

We serve all four out of the 5 campuses Belle Glade, Boca Raton, Lake Worth and Palm Beach Gardens.


Staff Contact & Location


Lake Worth campus - Building: SCA  Office: 126 
Telephone: (561) 868-3392   |   Email:    |   Fax: (561) 868-3394
Regular Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am - 5:00pm

SSS Staff List
Name Title phone Number
Rowina Petion Program Director 561-868-3395
Livia Aragon Post-Secondary Advisor 561-868-3396
Josephine Carey Post-Secondary Advisor 561-868-4006
Gary Jackson SSS Representative 561-868-3392


Our Services

Academic Advising

An advisor will help you make choices and decisions about courses and develop an academic plan to accomplish your degree goals. Your advisor will also help in career planning and personal concerns, along with assisting you in developing strategies in studying and managing your time through workshops.

Financial Aid Assistance

SSS TRiO staff is available to assist in filling out financial aid forms required for federal and state assistance. Visit the webpage for more information about the Financial Aid Department including a list of scholarships.

Transfer Assistance 

An advisor can help you with the entire transfer process, from arranging a college tour to the 4-year institution you are interested in, to assisting in filling out the college's application and financial aid paperwork. Any assistance you may need in this process can be addressed by your advisor.


Individual tutoring is available free of charge. Regular tutoring appointments can be made for Student Support Services TRiO participants in any subject area.

Cultural Events & Activities

SSS TRiO sponsors trips to local art galleries, museums and organize various events on campus.



Currently enrolled at Palm Beach State College, low-income, first-generation, and students with disabilities meeting eligibility requirements according to the U.S. Department of Education.

Who is eligible?

  • Low Income students
  • First Generation College students
  • Students with Disabilities

How to apply?

  • How to Guide
    • Find your submitted application
    • Resume working on a saved application
    • Upload missing documents
    • Communicate with your reviewers

Step 1:  Login to Engage (PBSC username & password)


Step 2: Go to your account


Step 3: Click on Submissions


Step 4: Choose to view your application (this will show you the status of your application.)

Step 5: If you need to complete your application or upload missing documents or communicate with your reviewers.


Are you eligible?

If any of these statements below apply to you, then you may be eligible for support from SSS TRiO

  • Neither of my parents have a 4-year college degree from the United States.
  • I will apply for/am receiving financial aid.
  • I plan to transfer to a 4-year school.
  • I will take a remedial reading/writing and/or math course.
  • I have a disability (and have registered with The Center for Student Accessibility).
  • I am currently enrolled at Palm Beach State College.

Famous TRiO Participants

  • Anastasia Pittman, Student Support Services, Oklahoma State Representative
  • Franklin Chang-Diaz, Student Support Services, University of Connecticut, first Hispanic astronaut
  • A. C. Green, Student Support Services, Oregon State University, NBA basketball player
  • Bernard Harris, Ronald E McNair Scholars, Texas Tech, first African American astronaut
  • Angela Bassett, Upward Bound, St. Petersburg Junior College, actress
  • Kevin Shibilski, Student Support Services, University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin State Senator
  • Beatrice Berry, Upward Bound, University of Delaware, author, award-winning lecturer
  • Gwendolynne Moore, Student Support Services, University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin State Senator
  • John Quinones, Upward Bound, St Mary's University, correspondent for ABC news, "Prime Time Live"
  • Rev. James L Nadau, STI, Upward Bound, Bowdoin College, Roman Catholic priest
  • Viola Davis, Upward Bound, Student Support Services, Rhode Island College, actress
  • Barbara Harmon-Schamberger, Upward Bound, Salem- Teikyo University, General Counsel and Deputy of Securities
  • Wil Haygood, Upward Bound, Ohio Dominican College, Boston Globe feature writer
  • Raul Vasquez, Upward Bound, Laredo Jr. College, University of Houston, Judge
  • Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Upward Bound, Music Producers
  • Belinda Reyes, Upward Bound, Bee Co. College, University of Texas, PhD, Judge
  • Henry Bonilla, Talent Search, former US Congressman, 23rd district of Texas
  • Victor O. Lujan, Talent Search, New Mexico Highlands, former Executive Director of the Eight Northern Indian Pueblos, Inc.
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