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Dual Enrollment Course Materials

Spring textbooks will be available starting on December 18, 2023

Home Education* and Private School* students are eligible to receive course materials at no charge based on Florida Statute 1007.271. Students are only entitled to the required materials for the courses for which they are enrolled.  Public school students should obtain a voucher from their counselor for course materials. Public school students will take the voucher to Booksmart (not the on campus bookstore).

Home Education and Private school students can elect to go to the bookstore to purchase materials in person or order online and select store pick up or shipping. Please note that materials are often only available at the campus where the course is being taught. Even if the course is online or live online, it will still be based on one of the five campuses. Please check your schedule in Workday for guidance. Use this job aid to help you determine which store has your dual enrollment materials.

If you are enrolled in a class that is designated as Follett Access, you will be automatically opted out and you will need to obtain the materials from the bookstore (or Booksmart if you are a public school student). You will have free access to the course materials for approximately 2 weeks at the start of the term but will then need to obtain the appropriate access codes/materials in order to retain the access.

If you drop a class, you must return the materials to the bookstore immediately or you will be charged for them.  Failure to pay may result in registration holds.


Students will be eligible to purchase books approximately 48-72 hours after registration.

Students will be notified via email when fall textbooks can be purchased.

  • The deadline for purchasing Full Term, Express A and 12 week term books is TBD
  • The deadline for purchasing Express B books is TBD


Read our list of frequently asked questions regarding course materials for dual enrollment.

Please contact Jessica Bender with any additional questions.

*Students who are enrolled in dual enrollment through a public high school should see their high school counselor for a book voucher.

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