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The Palm Beach State College Professional Mentor Program offers students and alumni the opportunity to connect with our network of professional mentors. Mentors are volunteers who have agreed to assist PBSC students with career-related questions.  Students can contact mentors to get “real world” advice from experienced professionals, learn more about a specific job or profession, learn industry requirements, job outlook.

Employers: Become a Mentor

You can make a significant contribution to the career development of Palm Beach State College students!

There are a variety of ways in which a Career Mentor can enrich the career planning and job hunting efforts of our students and alumni, such as:

  • Providing students with “real life” career information about your job and field;
  • Giving job search advice to students and alumni;
  • Helping a student obtain an internship at your organization;
  • Enriching the career services at Palm Beach State College by providing information about your employer and supporting your organization’s recruitment of graduates.

If you are willing to serve, and we hope you will, please register to become a mentor 

Students/Alumni: Find a Mentor

  • Check mentor's online profile for preferred method of initial contact.
  • Note how the mentor is willing to help
  • Never text a mentor
  • Avoid using abbreviations in emails and use correct grammar and punctuation. Proofread!

Making Contact with Mentors

  • Log in to the Palm Beach State College mentor database
  • Search and read mentor profiles
  • Briefly state why you are making contact. See sample scripts
  • If you have more than a few questions, request a phone or in-person meeting. Schedule the meeting at the mentor's convenience
  • If the mentor doesn't respond in 3 business days, follow up with them. If you don't hear from the mentor after the second attempt, let the Career Center know and try another mentor
  • Do not email your class assignment questions to mentors and ask them to provide answers. It's your job to ask questions and record the answers

The Mentor Interview

  • If you cannot make an interview appointment, always call well in advance to let them know.
  • Call the mentor a day before to reconfirm your appointment. If you are unsure of the location, ask for directions.
  • Be on time for the appointment and dress in business attire.
  • Research the career field ahead of time and bring a list of questions to ask.
  • Bring a clean notepad and pen to write down advice given.
  • Send a thank you note via e-mail after the meeting. See sample scripts
  • Be professional at all times. Never be a "no show" for the interview.

Additional Resources

Video:  How to do an informational Interview

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