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Field Observation Process

Field Observation and Teaching Practicum consists of observing class activities within an assigned classroom location (student does not teach nor is left alone with the students) for 15 hours per registered class (EDF2005 & EDF2085) requiring field observation; a minimum of sixty (60) hours of Practicum is required for EPI0950. Practicum are also required to have a Clinical Educator assigned.

The process for the student observer is as follows:

Step 1 - Student Orientation

Palm Beach State faculty member explains the Field Observation process to student, including requirements of the assignment and expectations of the faculty member for student to satisfy the assignment.

Step 2 - Selection of Observation Venue

Student can complete their Field Observation in a public school setting, a charter school setting, a private school setting or another setting approved by the course instructor. Once the student determines this, they will follow the rest of the field observation process.

Step 3 - Submit Online PBSC Placement Request

Both FO & Practicum students (includes charter, private school or out of county) seeking field observation or teaching practicum (public or other) hours must file an survey online placement request. *School placement request links are provided by the school district in September for the fall term and in January for the spring term. This does include Charter and Private School student placement requests. 

For students wanting a public or charter school placement in Martin County School District (MCSD) please go to MCSD-Placement Request & Clearance Process and complete the Student Teacher Placement Request.

This request is processed by the School District of Palm Beach County or Martin County School District and the  Placement Coordinator based on the type of placement the student is requesting. Placement notification is done to the student via student PBSC email and will take approximately one week to 10-days.

Students placement requests for charter or private schools or some other venue are required to complete the FO Placement Request* or Practicum Placement Request*. Also, students wanting placement at a private or charter school or out-of-county school will need to complete and sign a Permission Memo

A venue not listed on the Other Field Observation Opportunities Site will need to have their instructor's authorization and written approval from the placement site before beginning field observation. Student placement requests for charter or private schools or some other venue are recorded and an email confirmation is sent to the student with a copy to the course professor.

Step 4 - Reporting For Assignment

Students placed in SDPBC public schools (3A) should contact the assigned school and report for their placement assignment as directed by email notification.  At that time, public school placement students will print out and sign three release forms included in their notification email that will be turned into the school representative. Students are required to check in with the Raptor System which is located at the school's main office. They will need a driver's license or other approved government issued ID for the Raptor System to process a sticker (badge). Students are also required to display/wear their Palm Beach State ID to identify as a Pre-Service Student. 

These forms will be kept on file at the placement school for the School District and the Field Observation Forms Link for details of these forms.)  Students will need to have the designated SDPBC classroom teacher sign off on their Field Observation/Teaching Practicum Log each time they observe.

Students placed in other venues will need to follow the security procedure and sign in process of that location.  For charter, private and other observation assignments, the student is also required to have the classroom teacher sign off on their Field Observation / Teaching Practicum Log each time they observe.    

Step 5 - Field Observation Completion

Field Observation will be complete when all activities, associated assignments, and PBSC Record of Field Observation Hours (log) and other required documentation are submitted to their Palm Beach State course instructor.  Students will need to check with their instructor for the last day they may turn in the field observation logs, assignments, and any other required documentation.

Florida Administrative Code and the Principles of Professional Conduct for the Education Profession in Florida is explained in the Florida Department of Education Rule 6A-10.081. In addition to observing the mandated code, Palm Beach State students are strongly advised to respect the internal rules of the school.

  • Attendance and Punctuality - Schools, administrators, and teachers run on tight daily schedules, so be mindful of their time. Arrive at the school 10-15 minutes early. Follow the cooperating teacher’s directions at all times and do not become a distraction in the classroom. Notify the cooperating teacher if a personal emergency arises. Leave a message if necessary.
  • Appearance - Follow the school dress code and dress professionally. Avoid revealing, baggy, and provocative clothing; please leave sandals, sneakers, shorts, jeans, sleeveless shirts, flashy and facial jewelry at home. Maintain a clean and neat appearance all times. Make a good impression.
  • Conduct - Demonstrate professional behavior at all times. Avoid negative comments about the college, school staff, students, and/or the cooperating teacher. Please remember that you are there to quietly observe.
  • Confidentiality - Classroom work with students is always confidential. You may have access to "privileged information" which, naturally, should be treated as such. "Privileged information" is defined as personal records, grades, test scores, behavior and attitude of students. Keep your observations on a professional level. You must not divulge information to which you may have access.
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