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Information for Professors

As a part of the requirements for completing EDF2005, Introduction to the Teaching Profession and EDF2085 Introduction to Diversity for Educators, each student is required to complete 15 hours of field observation for each course. Students in EPI0950, Teaching Methods Practicum (IC), are required to complete 30 hours of Field Observation.

The purpose of the field observation in these courses is to provide meaningful learning experiences for pre-service educators in accordance with state mandated guidelines for teacher preparation. Through the field observation, students should have an opportunity to:

• Observe best practices and techniques for effective classroom management
• Connect theory with practice
• Obtain assistance in career decisions
• Develop personal skills and values

Courses that Require Field Observation


Educator Preparation Institute (EPI)

The Educator Preparation Institute for Teacher Education (a limited access program) requires 30 hours of practicum experience in a public, charter or private school setting, with a certified Clinical Educator and to complete two teaching demonstrations.  The School District considers this an activity that requires placement with a certified clinical educator in the same subject area per Florida Statute. Students need to indicate this when they submit their placement request for observation.

Overview of Field Observation Placement Options

Other Placement Guidelines

Helpful Reminders

• Do encourage your students to dress professionally for field observation
• Do encourage students to start the security clearance process early
• Do review the "Field Observation at Palm Beach State, A Guide for Students" with your students
• Do make this a meaningful experience for your students
• Don't contact a school directly to make arrangements for your students
• Don't contact the School District of Palm Beach County - contact your Associate Dean or Academic Services with your questions.

Palm Beach County Security and Placement

Martin County Security and Placement


Self Placement in Public Schools

It is important to communicate to students that in Palm Beach and Martin counties, self-placement in a public school (even if they are School District employees) is NOT allowed and the observation hours earned in this way will not count toward completion of the observation assignment because this is a violation of our affiliation agreement with these school districts.

Spring Term - Testing Blackout limits student access to the school campuses each spring term. Students are encouraged to submit their observation placement requests as early as possible. Students in 12-week and second 8-week courses are urged to consider charter and private school placements if they cannot place early in public schools. (The Charter School Directory and Private School List (PBC) are not all inclusive and students may find others that will work for this assignment.)

Students' Frequently Asked Questions

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