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Career Certificate Program, College Credit Certificate & Advanced Certificate Programs



CCP[Clock Hours], CCC & ATC Programs Approved for Federal and State Aid

CCP[Clock Hours] Programs  


Program: Automotive Service Tech
Code: 5458-A
Clock hours: 1,800

Program: Automotive Maint & Light Repair
Code: 5451
Clock hours: 600

Program: Barbering
Code: 5395
Clock hours: 1,200


Program: Basic Automotive Service Tech
Code: 5463
Clock hours: 1,050

Program: Basic Diesel Service Tech 
Code: 5468
Clock hours: 1,050

Program: Cosmetology
Code: 5357 
Clock hours: 1,200


Program: Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement
Code: 5600
Clock hours: 770

Program: Dental Assisting
Code: 5155
Clock hours: 1,230

Program: Diesel Maintenance Tech
Code: 5452
Clock hours: 600

Program: EMT/Firefighter Comb
Code: 5625
Clock hours: 698

Program: Global Logistics & Supply
Code: 5582
Clock hours: 600

Program: Heavy Equipment Mechanics
Code: 5456 
Clock hours: 1,800

Program: HVAC
Code: 5267
Clock hours: 1,350

Program: Low Voltage Tech
Code: 5450
Clock hours: 750

Program: Machining Technology
Code: 5459
Clock hours: 1,500

Program: Marine Service Tech
Code: 5453
Clock hours: 1,350


Program: Massage Therapy
Code: 5232 
Clock hours: 750

Program: Medical Assisting
Code: 5236 
Clock hours: 1,300

Program: Practical Nursing 
Code: 5234 
Clock hours: 1,350

Program: Surgical Technology 
Code: 5235 
Clock hours: 1,330

Program: Welding Technology
Code: 5460
Clock hours: 1,050



Program: Diesel Tech
Code: 5457-A 
Clock hours: 1,800

Program: Residential & Commercial Electrician

Code: 5246 
Clock hours: 1,200




CCC Programs 

Program: Accounting Technology
Code: 6110
Credit hours: 27 credits


Program: Addiction Studies
Code: 6392
Credit hours: 24 credits

Program: Alternative Energy Engineering Technology
Code: 6272
Credit hours: 18 credits

Program: Biotechnology Laboratory Specialist
Code: 6160
Credit hours: 30 credits

Program: Business Administration and Management
Code: 6111
Credit hours: 24 credits

Program: Business Operations
Code: 6481
Credit hours: 30 credits

Program: Cinematography
Code: 6291
Credit hours: 16 credits

Program: CISCO CCCNA Routing and Switching 
Code: 6135
Credit hours: 28 credits

Program: CISCO CCCNA Security 
Code: 6540
Credit hours: 21 credits

Program: CISCO Certified Entry Network Technician 
Code: 6542
Credit hours: 16 credits

Program: Crime Scene Technology
Code: 6436
Credit hours: 32 credits

Program: Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Code: 6312
Credit hours: 47 credits

Program: Directing and Producing
Code: 6292
Credit hours: 16 credits

 Program: Emergency Management
Code: 6437
Credit hours: 32 credits

Program: Engineering Technology Support Specialist  
Code: 6551
Credit hours: 18 credits

Program: Environmental Science Technician  Specialist  
Code: 6561
Credit hours: 30 credits

Program: Graphic Design Technology/Web Design
Code: 6023
Credit hours: 24 credits

Program: Healthcare Documentation/Transcription
Code: B530
Credit hours: 33 credits

Program: Health Informatics Specialist
Code: 6531
Credit hours: 24 credits

Program: Human Services Assistant-College Credit Certificate
Code: 6361
Credit hours: 18 credits

Program: Information Management
Code: 6136
Credit hours: 24 credits

Program: Information Security
Code: 6541
Credit hours: 21 credits

Program: Java Programming
Code: 6144
Credit hours: 21 credits

Program: Landscape and Horticultural Professional I
Code: 6220
Credit hours: 18 credits

Program: Landscape and Horticultural Professional II
Code: 6221
Credit hours: 30 credits

Program: Logistics and Transportation Specialist  
Code: 6581
Credit hours: 18 credits

Program: Marketing
Code: 6113
Credit hours: 24 credits

Program: Medical Information Coder/Biller
Code: 6528
Credit hours: 37 credits

Program: Mobile Application Development
Code: 6145
Credit hours: 27 credits

Program: Motion Picture Post Production Technology
Code: 6019
Credit hours: 16 credits

Program: Office Software Applications
Code: 6484
Credit hours: 27 credits

Program: Paramedic
Code: 6450
Credit hours: 42 credits

Program: Programming
Code: 6137
Credit hours: 27 credits

Program: Web Development Specialist
Code: 6138
Credit hours: 36 credits



ATC Programs

Program: Paralegal Advanced Technical Certificate
Code: 4570
Credit hours: 21 credits

CCP Programs NOT  Approved for Federal and State Aid

These programs MAY be eligible for CCPSpecials Programs Grant

Program: Caring For Children Birth To 3 Years
Code: 5390
Clock hours: 600

Program: Correctional Probation Officer Cross-Over Training To
Florida CMS Law Enforcement

Code: 5609
Clock hours: 529

Program: Cross-Over Correctional Officer To CMS Law Enforcement 
Code: 5613
Clock hours: 489

Program: Early Childhood Professional Certification-Preschool 
Code: 5364
Clock hours: 600

Program: Firefighter
Code: 5043
Clock hours: 450



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