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Insurance Programs - 2019


Full-time employees may elect group medical insurance through Florida Blue and choose from a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) or a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan.

In order to help employees make an informed choice, Florida Blue has provided the eLearning Digital Education Tool. E-Tools provides a wealth of information that provides answers to specific questions about coverage, tips on saving money when using plan benefits and a library of resources that will give employees a deeper understanding of all the benefits available. Employees can also find plan summaries for both HMO Plan 58 and PPO Plan 03769 as well as a Schedule of Benefits for each plan.

In Florida, employees who are unable to afford health care premiums may be eligible for assistance through Medicaid. For more information, please contact Florida Medicaid at 866-762-2237 or visit the Florida Medicaid website.

Medical insurance is effective the first of the month following date of full-time hire date or date you become benefit eligible. The monthly rates for the HMO and PPO are as follows:

Staff/Faculty Monthly Medical Insurance Cost
Member Type HMO Plan 58 Booklet PPO Plan 3769 Booklet
Employee $0 $96
Employee + Spouse/Partner $570 $742
Employee + Child(ren) $364 $545
Family $786 $1,091


Florida Blue - Pharmacy

Walgreens is a featured pharmacy in your network. You’ll pay a lower price for many prescriptions at Walgreens than anywhere else. This means you’ll often pay less when you have a deductible to meet. Or if the drug costs less than your copay, you’ll pay the lower price. In addition to Walgreens, you can choose from Publix, Winn-Dixie, Walmart, and many small, independent pharmacies throughout the state. Always use an in-network pharmacy for greatest savings on your medicines. If you use a pharmacy that is out of network, such as CVS-owned pharmacies, you’ll pay the full price out of pocket for your prescription. You can see a list of in-network pharmacies at

Florida Blue - Vision Care Discount Program

Members of Florida Blue Health Options receive discounts on eye exams, frames and lenses by providing their Florida Blue card to Davis Vision Care providers. A listing of the providers can be found by visiting the Florida Blue website or by calling 888-897-9350.


Teladoc's U.S. board-certified doctors are available 24/7, 365 days a year to resolve many of your medical issues through phone or video consults. Available to all employees who are covered by one of the Florida Blue plans and brought to you by Palm Beach State and FCSRMC (Florida College System Risk Management Consortium). Set up your account today so when you need care, a Teledoc doctor is just a call or click away. For more information, please refer to the "Get Started" flyer, call 1-800-Teladoc, or visit


Full-time employees may elect group dental insurance and choose either DentalCare USA FL48N (DHMO) or Delta Dental PPO. Employees are encouraged to evaluate both programs by reviewing the overviews and comparison of the structure of the two dental plans. There are significant differences between the plans. Some of those differences are:

Delta PPO Plan - The employee payment is based on a "percentage" for covered services; the maximum the plan will pay for services in the calendar year is $1,000. An annual deductible is applied to services beyond diagnostic and preventative care and there is no orthodontic benefit.

DeltaCare USA (Plan number FL48N) - Almost all services require a copayment even through some are very inexpensive. There is no cap on services provided for the year and there is an orthodontic benefit. A dentist must be selected from the Delta Care USA network.

Dental insurance effective the first of the month following date of full-time hire date or date you become benefit eligible. The monthly rates are as follows:

Staff/Bargaining Unit Monthly Dental Insurance Cost
Member Type DeltaCare USA FL48N Delta Dental PPO
Employee Only $0 $10.01
Employee + Spouse $8.79 $33.91
Employee + Child(ren) $12.90 $34.35
Family $22.85 $64.66


The college offers an additional voluntary vision plan for full-time employees through VSP Vision (VSP Choice). In-network providers can be found online. For detailed information, please refer to the plan summary. The monthly costs for the plan are as follows:

Staff/Bargaining Unit Monthly Vision Insurance Cost
Member Type Cost
Employee Only $5.38
Employee + Spouse $10.78
Employee + Child(ren) $11.09
Family $15.36


Voluntary Short-term Disability

New full-time employees may elect short-term disability through American United Life. The coverage provides 66 2/3% of salary after 30 days of disability. The cost is $.33 per hundred dollars of the employee’s monthly salary. During your enrollment in Workday, the system will calculate your deduction per paycheck.

Long-term Disability

The College provides long-term disability insurance for all full-time employees at no cost. The policy pays 67% of the employee's monthly salary and benefits begin on the 91st day after a continuous period of disability. Disability claims generally take the provider 30 to 45 days to process.

Allstate Cancer Insurance

Full-time employees may elect Cancer Insurance benefits through Allstate. You may choose from two levels of coverage. Contact Custom Benefits Service at 800-809-8161 for more information.


AFLAC offers two plans which are independent of one another: Critical Care Protection and Accident Advantage. All plans are four tiered and premiums are deducted semi-monthly on a pre-tax basis. The plans are portable with no increase in premium. For more information, please contact Patti Leonaggeo at 561-434-4558 or e-mail

Flexible Spending Account

Sometimes referred to as a cafeteria plan, flex plan, or a Section 125 plan, a Flexible Spending Account lets you set aside a certain amount of your paycheck into an account before paying income taxes. During the year, you have access to this account for reimbursement of expenses for which you regularly pay, such as healthcare and dependent daycare. When you use tax-free dollars to pay for these expenses, you realize an increase in your spending power and substantial tax savings.

Information regarding the accounts include:

  • A health care reimbursement account covers expenses such as health and dental deductibles, prescription drugs, co-payments, approved over the counter drugs, and eyeglasses.
  • A dependent care reimbursement account covers expenses for those who need to provide daycare for dependent children.

Term Life Insurance

The College provides term life insurance including accidental death/dismemberment policy for all full-time employees at no cost. The policy is based upon 1x base salary with a minimum of $20,000 and a maximum of $50,000 coverage through UNUM Life Insurance Company. Age reductions in the amount of insurance are determined by policy guidelines beginning with the sixty-fifth birthday.

Supplemental Life Insurance

Full-time employees may elect additional term life insurance and AD&D to a maximum of three times their salary. The monthly rate per $1,000 of this group term coverage is $.277. During your enrollment in Workday, the system will calculate your deduction per paycheck. Voluntary dependent term life coverage is also available for $1.58 per month for each dependent covered with the following coverage amounts:
Spouse - $10,000
child 14 days to 6 months - $500
child 6 months to age 19 or to 25 if a full time student - $5,000

Long Term Care Insurance

Northwestern Mutual offers long term care insurance. Jon Maples, Financial Representative at Northwestern Mutual, will meet with interested employees individually as long term care is an individual policy which is based upon several factors including age, coverage selection, etc. The rates are discounted 5% since they are being offered as a group through the College. Please contact Jon at or call 561-284-8074.

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