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Finance Procedure Manual

Compiled by the Controller's Office, this web site presents official procedures of the Finance Department. This online Procedure Manual is designed to provide you with the most up-to-date Finance Procedures at your fingertips.

If you have any questions regarding the online Finance Procedure Manual, or if you are having trouble accessing any of the items listed, please contact the Controller's Office at or 868-3077 (1-3077).

Procedure Number Title
FIN-ACG-001 Insurance Processing - Retirees
FIN-ACG-002 Insurance Processing - Employees on Non-Paid Leave
FIN-ACG-003 Insurance Processing - Former Employees
FIN-ACG-004 Insurance Processing - Active Employees
FIN-ACG-005 Insurance Processing - New Employees

Accounts Payable and Travel
Procedure Number Title
FIN-ACP-001 Accounts Payable Processing - Standard Purchase Order
FIN-ACP-002 Accounts Payable Processing - Prepaid Order
FIN-ACP-003 Accounts Payable Processing - Blanket Order
FIN-ACP-004 Travel - Student Travel
FIN-ACP-005 Travel - Travel Authorization and Reimbursement
FIN-ACP-006 Travel - Vicinity Mileage
FIN-ACP-009 Accounts Payable Processing - Disbursement Request

Procedure Number Title
FIN-BUD-001 Budgeting - Current Unrestricted Fund
FIN-BUD-002 Budgeting - Unexpended Plant Funds (Construction)
FIN-BUD-003 Budgeting - Transferring Budget During Fiscal Year
FIN-BUD-004 Budgeting - Organizational Unit Creation
FIN-BUD-005 Budgeting - Capitalization of Assets
FIN-BUD-006 Budgeting - Student Worker Funds
FIN-BUD-008 Budgeting - Overtime Funds

Procedure Number Title
FIN-CON-001 Finance Department Procedures Guidelines
FIN-CON-002 Treasury Banking and Investments
FIN-CON-003 Request PantherNet Application Access - Finance and Personnel/Payroll System
FIN-CON-004 Electronic Funds Transfers - Credits
FIN-CON-005 Identity Theft Prevention Procedures
FIN-CON-006 PantherNet/Finance Security Administration
FIN-CON-007 Authorization of Manual Finance Checks
FIN-CON-008 Electronic Funds Transfers - Debits

Grants and Foundation
Procedure Number Title
FIN-GRF-001 Foundation - Pledges
FIN-GRF-002 Foundation - Cash Deposits
FIN-GRF-003 Foundation - Foundation Funded Employee Travel
FIN-GRF-004 Foundation - Excess Fund Investment
FIN-GRF-005 Foundation - Check Receipt
FIN-GRF-006 Foundation - Accounts Payable
FIN-GRF-007 Foundation - Journal Entries Accounts Payable
FIN-GRF-008 Foundation - Journal Entries Investment Income and Expense
FIN-GRF-009 Foundation - Journal Entries Bank Charges and Other Bank Reconciling Transactions
FIN-GRF-010 Foundation - Journal Entries Contributing Services
FIN-GRF-011 Foundation - Journal Entries Year End
FIN-GRF-012 Foundation - Prohibited Expenditures
FIN-GRF-013 Foundation - Expenditure Approval Path
FIN-GRF-014 Foundation - Miscellaneous Fund Raising
FIN-GRF-015 Foundation - Endowment Funds
FIN-GRF-016 Foundation - Financial Reporting System
FIN-GRF-017 Foundation - Small Value Non-Cash Gifts
FIN-GRF-018 Grants - Recharging Indirect Costs
FIN-GRF-019 Grants - Closing Grants
FIN-GRF-020 Grants - Externally Funded Grants and Contracts
FIN-GRF-021 Grants - Program Income
FIN-GRF-022 Grants - Annual Pay Increases
FIN-GRF-023 Grants - Compliance Requirements - Federal Funds
FIN-GRF-024 Grants - Compliance Requirements - State Funds
FIN-GRF-025 Grants - Contract Payment - Verification
FIN-GRF-026 Grants - Student Activity Annual Budget
FIN-GRF-027 Grants - Student Activity Budget Amendment

Procedure Number Title
FIN-PAY-001 Accrual of Annual and Sick Leave
FIN-PAY-002 Payout of Terminal Vacation and Sick Leave
FIN-PAY-003 Use of Sick Leave
FIN-PAY-004 Sick Leave Pool
FIN-PAY-005 Retirement Plans - Employee Setup
FIN-PAY-006 Retirement Plans - Payment
FIN-PAY-007 Sabbatical Leave
FIN-PAY-008 Overtime Pay
FIN-PAY-009 Overpayment of Payroll
FIN-PAY-010 Request for Finance Payment
FIN-PAY-011 Returned Paycheck
FIN-PAY-012 Request for Time and Attendance Access
FIN-PAY-013 Tax Payments
FIN-PAY-014 Year End Tax Statements (W-2's)
FIN-PAY-015 Returned W-2s
FIN-PAY-016 Request for Duplicate W-2s
FIN-PAY-017 Quarterly 941 Forms
FIN-PAY-018 Termination of Employee

Student Account Services
Procedure Number Title
FIN-SAS-001 Returned Check Procedures
FIN-SAS-002 Accounts Receivable
FIN-SAS-003 Billing and Dunning
FIN-SAS-004 Delinquent Accounts
FIN-SAS-006 Cash Collection
FIN-SAS-007 Financial Aid Disbursement Payments
FIN-SAS-008 Financial Aid Direct PLUS Loan Check
FIN-SAS-009 Fees
FIN-SAS-010 Payment of Fees
FIN-SAS-011 Reconciliation and Deposit of Fees
FIN-SAS-012 Waivers
FIN-SAS-013 Full Time College Employee and Dependent Waivers
FIN-SAS-014 State Employee Waivers
FIN-SAS-015 Purple Heart Waivers
FIN-SAS-016 Senior Citizen Tuition Waivers
FIN-SAS-017 Interdepartmental Charges for Professional Development
FIN-SAS-018 Refunds
FIN-SAS-019 Bargaining Unit Member Dependent/Spouse Waivers
FIN-SAS-020 Write-Offs
FIN-SAS-021 Florida Prepaid Automated Bill
FIN-SAS-022 Credit Card Terminals and Usage
FIN-SAS-023 Theatre Refunds
FIN-SAS-024 Gift Cards and Prize awards
FIN-SAS-025 Notification of Invalid Tax ID Number for Students
FIN-SAS-026 IRS Form 1098-T
FIN-SAS-027 Student Payments Returned
FIN-SAS-028 Classroom Teacher Tuition Waivers
FIN-SAS-029 Miscellaneous Refunds
FIN-SAS-030 High School Verification (Out of State) Waiver
FIN-SAS-031 Veteran and Dependent Tuition Waiver

Procedure Number Title
FIN-TRS-001 Daily Cash Processing
FIN-TRS-002 Bank Reconciliation
FIN-TRS-003 Check Re-Issuance
FIN-TRS-004 Long Outstanding Checks - Abandoned Property
FIN-TRS-005 Long Outstanding Checks - Certain Federal Programs

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